The Puppeteer

The Red Wizards
Session 5
  • Focus: more challanges, less talking.
  • Spotlight: Red Wizards


Back in Urling the party try to figure out their best approach to invading Thay and commanding the lich to kill Lauzoril. They have just been rewarded handsomely by the Witches of Rashemen, so they decide to stock in on potions, scrolls and wonderous items, along with some other equipment upgrades before heading on.

Tal also identifies in his special manner the items found from the mummy in the previous session:
  • Raw Magic Ring: This fancy magical ring imbues the wearer with a permanent repulsion effect (as the spell, but raw magic, will save DC 21). It can be activated as a standard action.
  • Raw Magic Brooch: This small brooch makes the wearer immune to poison and disease.
  • Raw Magic Half-Plate: It is sold for 50.000
  • Raw Magic Cloak: This magical cloak functions like a cloak of weaponry. All weapons from the cloak are enhanced with a random ‘raw magical’ effect that lasts 1 minute.

Castor Black

Next the party goes to Castor, who wanted to meet them. Tal Rasha teleports in front of his house and they once again meet the energetic ‘young’ man. He offers tea and the party, who already know the drill, inform him about some of their adventures. It is clear that Castor did not yet know about Beren’s death and he is very sad that this ‘great hero’ has passed away.

Eventually the stories are finished and Castor gives the party each a specially crafted weapon. He had expected Beren, but Gilgul Neshamot takes the weapon that was meant for Beren instead.\

  • Gene’s Lucky Sword: This +2 adamantine short sword of speed gives a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws and skill checks. Furthermore it can be used 1/encounter to sneak attack when otherwise impossible (even on undead).
  • Ulik’s Wrathful Blade: This +3 viscious flaming greatsword has a mind of it’s own. It has an empathic link. The wielder of the blade benefits from a continual deathwatch and free advice. The personality of the blade is good, but chaotic and vengeful, especially against Red Wizards and other evil.
  • Tal Rasha’s Staff: This +2 quarterstaff uses the wielder’s spell potential instead of charges. It basically allows Tal to cast the following spells: 1. disguise self, 1. jump 1. reduce person, 2. levitate, 2. see invisibility, 3. water breathing, 4. remove curse, 5. teleport
  • Beren’s Tribute: This +2 silver defending holy longsword is both lawful and good aligned. The wielder’s eyes become topaz and it’s skin shines goldish. The wielder also gains darkvision 60ft.

Content Not Found: szass-tam

The party now travels to Thaymount. They get a teleport from a Hathran to a special teleportation circle just outside of Szass’ palace. The palace itself is huge, but mostly ruins. It is however apparant that the roof is solid and strong and repaired wherever holes were. At the front door stands a man that some of the party members recognize.

Rogar Hevfire

The man, Rogar Hevfire, turns out to be a vampire and an important underling of the lich. After some surprise that the party wants to see his master he leads the party through the complex to Szass.

The vampire proves to be pretty chaotic evil and although he doesn’t attack the party directly, he leads them through a series of traps.

First in the entrance room the party is dazed and drained from their strength by a blasphemy spell, and are then assaulted by Hellwasp Swarms. The swarms are pretty immune to damage and eventually Tal tires of them and puts a forcewall across the room to seperate the party from the annoying extra-planar insects.

The party travels onwards in a hallway and they follow Rogar into a room where they see the vampire going 4 different directions at the same time. After some puzzling and some discussion about not allowing the vampire to treat them this way especially from Tal, Ulik tires of the talk and goes into the right room. He is fast enough to see that the vampire is across the room fiddling with a secret door. Ulik goes after the vampire but activates 2 delayed blast fireball traps in the process, leaving him severely wounded halfway through the room, not daring to take another step. The party follows. Gil tries the wall but similarly activates some traps that wound Ulik even further. Eventually Gilgul Neshamot takes a massive jump through the whole room and lands in front of the secret door where the vampire is waiting. He waits for the party to follow his example and then as by common consent they attack the vampire, tired of his games.

The fight starts with Tal putting another forcewall into the stairs down, which the vampire was about to follow down. The vampire, now cornered, still laughs and advices the party not to attack. But the party is persistent and stronger than the vampire expected. They do some nice damage through his damage reduction and the vampire is unable to cast spells, failing his concentration check. He gets even more damaged, tries to take out Gene with a touch spell, but luckily he saves against the spell and takes only 2 negative levels from the vampire slam. The vampire takes some more massive damage from Gil and eventually tries to save himself by putting his hand into Gene’s face: “If you don’t stop fighting now I will disobey my master and I will kill this man right here and now!” he shouts angrily. That gives the party a small pause, but eventually Gene takes the decision to unleash his full fury upon the vampire anyway, and to take whatever he can throw onto him. Even though Tal is unable to counterspell the destruction spell that the vampire casts upon Gene, luckily he fails his concentration in the heat of the attack and can not complete his spell that would surely have finished the party’s rogue. After taking some more damage the angry vampire teleports out of the fray (finally succeeding his concentration).

After the successful (but not lethal) battle with the annoying vampire, the party continues onwards down the stairs. The door downstairs says “DO NOT ENTER”, but of course this is ignored and the lock is picked in the second attempt. The next room is hot and the party is directly attacked by a Horned Devil. Tal is unable to do anything about the spell resistance and is quickly out of the battle through the stunning spiked chain. Ulik manages to do some damage but is feared by the devil’s fear aura and is also quickly out of the combat. Gene tries to charge, but is also stopped mid-charge with a stunning spiked chain, but luckily only one round. As he makes a spring attack (without success against the thick hide), Gilgul Neshamot is furiously hacking at the horned devil. This is Gil’s moment supreme: with Beren’s Tribute he is the only one to slash through the damage reduction on the devil and it turns about to be a battle of titans. The devil is just as furious, but has a hard time hitting the agile monk and eventually they go down in the same round (Gil making the finishing move, but then crumbling through the Infernal Wound). But it’s not over. The devil slowly regenerates from the damage Ulik inflicted and is almost ready to finish the party members as Gene comes out of his stun and uses a hero point to finish both the devil with a final sneak attack and healing Gil, who by then almost died from the infernal wound.

Still puffing from the effort the party takes the treasure and tries the nearest door, which only leads back to the entrance (through a shorter way… with less traps…) That leaves them no choice but go depeer into the cavern of the Horned Devil. Eventually this leads them around a corner into a human-made hallway further down. In this hallway a thick mist surrounds the party hampering their vision severly.

This special combat/skill challange the party slowly advance in the hallway, cautionary for what will come, until Ulik falls into a pit. Luckily the party had bound themselves together with ropes and with some massive effort from Gil the heavy barbarian is saved from a savage fall and is able to easily climb back up. Unknowing how long the pit is Gil decides to just risk it and jump to the other end. In the meanwhile Gene has noticed that the walls are slowly moving together and this urges the party to greater speed. He gets to the other end but is blown back and almost loses his balance and falls right back into the trap. After some tries the whole party is over the pit and through the strong wind. Gil gets through first and walks onward, triggering another trap that lands a huge spiked boulder on his head. Being far in front Gil manages to escape from under the boulder and uses his boots of spiderclimbing to walk along the walls to not trigger any further traps. By this time Ulik and Gene together come at the first boulder. They manage to tumble past but get the second boulder (that Gil spotted, but didn’t trigger) on their heads. While Gil goes onwards, keeps his balance at a grease and prevents himself from landing in the middle of a web spell, the other party members wriggle their way onwards through falling boulders. By the time they reach the webs they have already been burnt to ashes and they run after Gil, who is found in a state of Solipsism. Ulik reacts fast and takes Gil on his back. Finally they get to the end of the line running, but it’s a dead end! Frustrated Gene examines the wall and luckily discovers the secret door. Under the stress of the walls now really coming very close to squeezing especially the massive barbarian, Gil needs 3 attempt to unlock the secret door, but eventually they stumble through into the Lich’s quarters.

Content Not Found: Szass-Tam looks at the Rashemi intruders very surprised, but not at all concerned or scared. The party notices that they came through a secret door that was probably not meant to be used, because the main door is on the other side of the room. The lich asks the party buisness and after the story about Lauzoril he is strangely quick in agreeing to the extermination of Lauzoril, who has disobeyed him anyway.

From here things go quicker. The lich teleports in front of Lauzoril’s home and walks in, triggering several traps that have no effect on the lich’s superior spell resistance and magical shields. He continues to dispel the dimensional locks in the place and then invites the party for a teleport upstairs. They meet a surprised Lauzoril who greets the lich carefully. The next moment the puppeteer is paralyzed by arcane reach paralyzing touch of the lich. The lich then loses his haste and offers the party a chance to ask the puppeteer something specific. The party discusses, but doesn’t really know what to ask and therefore the lich just kills Lauzoril with a finger of death (first removing the item that protects Lauzoril from instant death). He quickly casts a second spell to trap the soul of Lauzoril “against clones and such” and then greets the party and teleports away.

The party loots the room quickly and then, feeling unconfortable, teleport out to tell Lady Yhelbruna the good news. Thinking everything is over they tell everything in good spirits, but afterwards the Eldest asks the party if they can investigate the barbarians who are massing, ready to attack, in front of the Rashemen border.

But before they can go into their next adventure the bard Solvan Demeno waits for them outside the Eldest’ house. He directly addresses Ulik:

“Man, I knew you’d still be hanging around here somewhere. And I felt I needed to rescue you. Don’t you remember anything I taught you? Love goes before everything man! And you’ve still not even asked her out! Shame on you! I say you honor your promise, nobleman. And you get out of here in search of that girl right now! I didn’t come all this way to have you tell me no, so what about it?”

Next thing they know he teleports Ulik and the party to the Forman Estate and he knocks on the door. Ulik also gets conjured flowers from Solvan and some quickly gathered real flowers from Gil. Rafna Forman opens the door and is positively surprised. Ulik finally manages to go through his fear and asks the girl out, managing to say: “Rafna do you want to m… go out with me?”

Of course Rafna agrees and they together go into the estate, leaving the party watching outside with a good feeling for their barbarian friend. As a courtesy Solvan teleports the party back before bidding them farewell and leaving back to Thesk.

end of session 5

Rewards: 7.000 XP, 60.000 GP, (horned devil treasure), Special Weapons (see above), Raw magic items (see above)

Memorable Deeds
  • Tal Rasha, tired of the Hellwasps, ends the combat with a forcewall.
  • Gene Parmesan takes only a moment to consider, and then plunges into a full attack against a very strong vampire who just threatened to kill him with a single spell. He manages to distract the vampire enough to let it fail his concentration and this heroic deed symbolizes the end of the combat.
  • Ulik Brightvolk, tired of hearing Tal Rasha complain about the vampire, opens a random door and thereby catches a glimpse of the vampire ‘escaping’ through a secret door.
  • Gilgul Neshamot almost singlehandedly manages to down a Horned Devil (CR 16!), but gives way in the same turn that he manages to down the beast through the infernal wound and is almost killed, were it not for Gene, who saves his friend and finishes the recovering beast in the same heroic turn.
  • Gilgul Neshamot manages to keep both Gene and Ulik from falling into a pit by showing some remarkable strength.
  • Content Not Found: szass-tam walks into the well-protected wizard tower of Lauzoril, triggers a bunch of traps that he ignores, dispells the dimensional lock and teleports upstairs to stun Lauzoril in the next move through an arcane reach paralyzing touch. The party hoped badly that they will never have to fight this horror!
  • Solvan Demeno teleports into the ‘rescue’ of Ulik, finally convincing Ulik to go after his girl with some strong pushes and conjured flowers.
  • Ulik Brightvolk’s setence to Rafna as she opens the door: “Rafna do you want to m… go out with me?” Bless the young folk!
Next Session:
  • It’s over! Or what are the Nar Barbarians up to?!
  • Helping prevent part of a grand attack on Urlingwood.
  • Ever wanted to crawl into the skin of the most powerful people of Rashemen?
How it comes together
Session 7 (final session)

Rescue Mission

The session started with 2 switch characters: Eram Ekasoki and Susy Lavorne. They worked as a team to infiltrate the Durthan hideout through the sewers and while Susy distracted the Durthan guard, Eram hid and moved around. Susy managed to pick-pocket the keys during the bluff and throw them to Eram. Unfortunately for them the Durthan saw through the bluff and she cast Dominate Person on Susy before she could react. In the meanwhile Eram freed Gene Parmesan and Gilgul Neshamot, and together they attacked the Durthan, whom Gene recognized as Raine Silverleaf.

In the first round of combat Eram transformed into a Red Dragon. Gene broke off an improvised club from a nearby table, while Gil tumbled across the room to attack. Rain’s next spell was confusion, which only affected Gene. The party did some more damage through Raine’s stoneskin and in her turn Raine cast Cone of Cold that everyone dodged without taking damage (all 4 players had evasion). After this failure the combat did not last long and Raine was quickly taken out.

Gene and Gil retrieved their items and they went on to find the Supreme Mother, whom they had already heard of in the prison. After some searching in the mostly empty hide-out, they eventually came into a room where Lianne Kilarune attacked the party members.

This combat did not go well. Lianne had high AC and even though she was surrounded, she used a quickened invisibility to get out pretty much unharmed and cast a prismatic spray on the full party. This directly sent Gilgul Neshamot to another plane, almost killed and turned Gene Parmesan to stone, but luckily he was immune to poison and saved his fortitude, Susy Lavorne was killed by poison and Eram Ekasoki was sent insane. Still not giving up hope Gene Parmesan, the only one left standing, attacked Lianne and sliced through her stoneskin like butter with his adamantine shortsword. But Lianne’s counter was brutal: she cast a polar ray on the poor rogue who couldn’t dodge and took massive damage. Breathing hard Gene could only watch as Eram, utterly confused, started to attack him and punched him unconscious.

Rianne Rasha

The party wakes (minus Susy) wakes up again in a room with an elderly figure bending over them. She greets the party and introduces herself as Rianne Rasha. After some confusion and some questions the party finds out that Rianne is in fact the Supreme Mother of the Durthan and that she is the sister of the Eldest of the Witches of Rashemen, Lea Yhelbruna, or actually Lea Rasha. It is explained how Rianne made a mistake in the past by resurrecting someone she cared for, but her sister did not aprove of, and how Rianne was banished from the witches along with the Rasha family name. Tal Rasha actually came across the old family name and wanted his family to return to their common family name, instead of all taking different names as was now common within the family. He did not know the full story behind the reasons of the change of name.

After the story about the Rasha name, Rianne explains briefly that she had to stop Lianne from killing the party (and that it is a shame the party couldn’t kill her). That she no longer wishes to fight with the Hathran and wants to lay down the centuries-old fight, especially since both Durthan and Hathran are severely wounded from the battle.

Then she leads the party to a big standing mirror where she casts a scry spell that reveals Fiona Danglehead resurrecting Lauzoril. The party sees that the soul gem that Szass Tam took is also present and they deduct that Fiona probably took the phylactery in the chaos of the combat. The party has time to buff up and they even receive some additional buffs from the Supreme Mother, who goes with them to prevent the enemies to escape.

Lauzoril & Fiona

The combat starts in the top room of Lauzoril’s tower. At the start it seems like Lauzoril will get the upper hand. He starts with evard’s black tentacles, but fails to grapple everyone. Next he casts icendiary cloud which hampers the movement even further and also hampers the vision. But in the end the party manages to surround Lauzoril and Fiona (who by this time has cast some nice buffs such as righteous might, unholy aura, divine power and divine favor. Gilgul Neshamot tries to grapple Fiona, but she casts a freedom of movement. In the meanwhile Lauzoril opens a gate, through which an Old Green Dragon joins the fray. While Gilgul has a lot of trouble hitting Fiona and doing effective damage through her damage reduction, Eram is doing nice damage as a Red Dragon, combining his attacks with Enervation that drains 4 levels from Fiona. In the meanwhile Gene manages to inflict some serious damage through the stoneskin of Lauzoril, which makes it necessary for Fiona to cast an heal and shield other. Lauzoril tries an imprisonment on the annoying rogue and hits the touch, but luckily Gene saves on the edge and this turns the tide. Overwhelmed by the combined party Fiona is quickly taken down and Lauzoril is soon to follow.


The party teleports back to Urling and decide to get some answers from Fiona. It is quickly apparent that Fiona is under control of the withered brown staff she is holding. Eram takes it on himself to strip and hold the staff, to immediately be possessed by Yuriath, the soul of the Black Queen of Narfell, who inhabits the staff. Yuriath introduces herself and explains how she has survived the fall of Narfell, (which was a side-effect from the Raw Magic Circle, which needed life energy for it’s blast on Raumathar, and thereby withered the whole of Narfell), in the form of a staff, and was found by Lauzoril who was then a young archeologist Red Wizard. She first took over the poor man, but by reading his memories and thoughts eventually decided to exist separate and help Lauzoril achieve his goals with her knowledge and power. Together they created the Puppeteer’s plan.

The Puppeteer’s Plan

Lauzoril’s grand plan had been to first start a war between Thesk and Rashemen. This would at the least make sure that the Shadowmasters took out some important people in Rashemen, that the leaders would be busy sorting out the mess and that the commoners of both countries would start hating and fighting each other.

Next the Raw Magic Circle should have been used to take out the major sources of power: Urling, Urlingwood and as a (now known) side-effect take out Telflamm and the surrounding area, thereby also disabling the Shadowmasters and reducing them to leaderless scum. This would eventually have made it very easy for the forces of Lauzoril and his allies: Nervon and Aznar Thrul to take over both countires and essentially the whole Unapprochable East, where only Aglarond would’ve been a future problem.

Always one to know that failure was a possibility, Lauzoril kept some of his most powerful cards in silent play: he left Ferneer Waters (as the Greatclub of Ashen Waters) to dominate Dark and disrupt the Shadowmasters intelligence department, and had the drow scout Kimanari-do-Souviorn (as the Bow of Dark Regret) rise to leadership amongst the Barbarian Tribes in the guise of Kongari of the Grey Reindeer Tribe.

When his plan with the Raw Magic Circle was disrupted he gave orders for several groups in his control to attack Urlingwood all at the same time. This would be the Black Ops, Nar Barbarians, Red Wizards and Durthan. He expected the forces to be so overwhelming on the already overwhelmed Witches of Rashemen that they would be crushed easily, even if one of his groups would not attack. A side effect from this attack would be to finally get his hands on the phylactery of Szass Tam, with which he could convince the lich to assist in the attack.

Unfortunately for Lauzoril he had not expected a visit from the lich and the party and was killed prematurely, before he could fully finish his attack plan. This caused the grand attack to become unorganized and chaotic. Even so the numbers would probably have swayed the battle in the advantage of the Red Wizards, but even that was stopped by the party members when they disabled both Ferneer Waters and Kimanari-do-Souviorn.

The resulting attack was not enough to crush Urlingwood, but it was enough for Yuriath, who had possessed Fiona Danglehead for some time now, to steal the phylactery. She used it to regain control over the soul gem that contained Lauzoril and then went on to ressurect her beloved. Unfortunately for them, shortly after the resurrection, the party came to finish their job and to free the Forgotten Realms of the Puppeteer.

Combined Attack
Session 6

Nar Barbarians

The party gets back into Urling and after getting a bit more info about the Barbarians they manage to find a Hathran who can teleport the party to the Rashemen defenses at the border. A guard captain who has obviously not heard about the heroes, but is even so set down as ‘just a captain’, can tell the party only little about the barbarians.

Eventually the party takes a white flag and goes to the barbarian camp. They are met by Rofnor of the White Eagle Tribe and get a first impression of these barbarians, who unlike Ulik Brightvolk have a real tribal feel to them. It is a cold day in early spring, but still most of these barbarians wear little, letting their strong muscles roll in front of the party, who suddenly feel very small and weak, even with their shiny armor.

Gil convinces Rofnor to get the current leader of the tribes, a barbarian named Kongari of the Grey Reindeer Tribe. It takes a while for him to arrive, in which there is a very uncomfortable silence. Eventually the big chief arrives and it is directly apparent that this guy is dangerous and different. He moves without making a sound and almost seems to vanish in the natural surroundings. He also carries a dangerously looking very strong composite longbow, and no melee weapons whatsoever.

The party doesn’t really know what to say, but eventually they manage to taunt the leader enough to get him to accept a duel, even though it is against all barbarian customs. As the leader nobody goes against him and the duel starts with him and 2 of his barbarians against the three party members.

In this combat the barbarian leader shows himself to very dangerous with his bow, nearly killing Tal at the start of the combat with a single shot (3 arrows). While Gil once again becomes dangerously large (enlarge potion) and starts downing the sturdy, but petty, barbarians, Tal creates a wall that prevents ranged attacks. The combat almost turns out in a stale mate as Kongari disappears with a bluff and a hide and waits for the wall of air to disperse, but while going around and taunting the party he bumps into the invisible Gene mid-sentence. Gene inflicts some sneak attack damage and Gil joins the fray, leaving Tal to his wizard buisness. Even though Kongari is cornered he manages to ghost step away and inflicts some pretty nasty damage on Gene, also hitting a Frightful Attack, making Gene shaken with fear for the rest of the combat, not to mention almost killing the poor rogue. The combat goes on with a ghost stepping and inflicting some damage. Tal’s glitterdust does nothing since the ghost step also makes Kongari ethereal, but eventually Kongari is out of ghost steps and that makes him vulnurable to Gil’s spiked chain tactics. After this the combat doesn’t take long and finishes with knocking Kongari unconscious.

The party loots Kongari, but are warned by a barbarian elder/shaman to not take the vile bow. Tal argues to test it to learn more, but is eventually convinced to not do it here, amongst the barbarians, but instead in a save place in Urling. Then a strong barbarian, Voglar of the Frost Rabbits Tribe, approaches the party. He says that in accepting this duel Kongari has done something unprecedented, leaving the barbarian tribes without a ruler. Voglar is afraid this will turn into bloody clan wars but promises to do his best to see a minimum of bloodshed over this incident. He also thanks the party in name of all the barbarians for ending the rule of Kongari and the party is thanked with a sign of respect from all the barbarians in the circle, which leaves them speechless.

Eventually the party say goodbye to the barbarians and, after informing the guard captain about the barbarian retreat, teleport back to Urling.

Bow of Dark Regret

Back in Urling the Eldest thanks the party and gives them their final reward. She says that now that this is settled the party deserves a rest.

Next the party goes to Teresa Sweetrose, to ask her help with the bow. On her idea they go to a specially warded summoning room, where Tal takes off all his equipment and grabs the bow.

It seems like nothing is wrong with Tal and he identifies the bow as a +5 unholy composite longbow. They already know it’s more than that and decide to go to Castor Black to ask him to find out more about the bow. Since Tal appears to be out of teleport, Teresa teleports in front of the Vremyonni village, saying that she is not permitted to go in. The party goes onward to the house of Castor and they are invited in with tea as before. After some stories the subject goes to the bow and Castor asks to see the bow. It appears that Tal is unable to let the bow go. He doesn’t want to drop it, but remove curse does not help. Tal convinces the party that it’s nothing bad and does the bow around his shoulders, saying that the week that Castor needs to fully identify the artefact is too long anyway. The party agrees, but they ask Tal to go to Lady Yhelbruna for confirmation that Tal is really not possessed or anything similar.

Lady Yhelbruna is quick to determine a lie of Tal and after some more words Tal drops his act and wants to leave. But the Eldest is quicker and places a forcecage around Tal and then teleports in with the party. Gil quickly knocks Tal, or whoever possess Tal, unconscious and they take the bow away. It is left with the Eldest.

Since it is already supper time Gil invites Tal and Gene to join him at his house. They eat and drink to their hart’s content and Gene uses some special glue to glue his friend’s boots together, over which they have a good laugh. As Gil once again falls over they hear a knock on the door.

Minas Defrout

The unexpected visitor is Minas and Sofia Astar, who is the new intelligence officer of the Shadowmasters. That also connects what Minas came for: he tells the party that Dark has gone missing, together with his Black Ops and he warns the party to look over their shoulder, although he can’t help them track down the Master of Shadows.

That night

After thanking Minas, the party goes back to their drinks, but they are less cheerful and more alert. Gene abandons his plan to glue the boots once again for the night and they go to sleep in their armor and with weapons closeby.

In the night they are attacked by 4 Black Ops, who almost kill Tal in the first round of combat. Luckily the alarm spell they placed prevented a surprise round, which probably saved Tal. Tal uses Timestop to heal himself and cast Righteous Might, which destroys part of Gil’s house in the process of enlarging Tal. Gene fights against his sole attacker, but cannot really hit the invisible attacker. In the next room Gil dodges the first attacks of his assailant and then tumbles out of bed to throw his hammock over the invisible attacker, clearly outlining him.

In the next rounds Tal barely manages to stay alive, let alone do something useful and eventually uses dimension door to save himself. Gene has some trouble against the invisible attackers and uses his own invisibility to even the chances a bit, which doesn’t really help. In the meanwhile Gil manages to quickly disable his attacker with some well-landed fists, stunning him first and knocking him unconscious after.

Eventually Tal comes back and casts a glitterdust that affects all 3 remaining assasins, and blinds 2 of them. Since they are powned they use their own dimension door spells to flee in shame.

But the combat is not over, because at that point Dark enters. He steps in unafraid and with him a solid fog starts forming. He fights unhampered within the mist and does some massive damage with his greatclub. Again Tal can only start healing himself, while Gil and Gene have a very hard time hitting the former intelligence officer. The party is saved by witches appearing, investigating the noise. Dark turns to them: “Ah that’s my ticket to leave. I’ll be back!” And disappears within the mist.

At the end of combat Tal is missing an eye and an arm (two times at -10). But without moaning about the pain he just buys a scroll of regeneration and undo’s the damage.

The rest of the night the party sleeps with little rest, in the ruins of the former guest room, close together in case of a next attack. Eventually Dark does indeed come again and this time the party escape to the roof in the first turn, better prepared for the combat. Still the fog envelops them, and still Dark is very effective especially against Tal, using power attack to knock him unconscious in the first turn. While Gene uses his potion to heal Tal, Gil attacks Dark and manages to inflict some harm. The remainder of the combat Tal pretends he is dead and eventually lets himself slide off the room to have some time to prepare himself better. Dark has some trouble with Gil’s high AC, especially since he himself needs to use Combat Expertise to get a similar AC and not get hit. Eventually he tires of it and drops his combat expertise, at which point Tal comes to the rescue with a Gust of Wind that disperses some of the fog. After one more turn of dodging and some hits from Dark, Tal finally reaches the limit of his patience, goes up to the roof and launches a meteor swarm at Dark, which barely finishes Dark and destroy’s what’s left of Gil’s house.

After the combat the party is cautious with the Greatclub that Dark used. But still curious they decide to drain Dark of his spells and then cure him just enough to let him speak. Dark introduces himself as Ferneer Waters, an important officer to Lauzoril, who has now failed. It appears that Ferneer Waters was known in Thay as Ferneer of the Ashen Waters, a known assassin and important agent of Lauzoril. He turns into pleading when the party are to take the greatclub from him: he asks that he is not destroyed or left rotting somewhere, but all in vain. The party removes the greatclub and with it Ferneer, recovering the old Dark, who thanks them heartily. After the party is convinced that it is really the old Dark come back, Dark turns around and disappears in the shadows, back to the Black Ops and eventually to Minas Defrout.

Nythra of the Seven Rivers

The next morning Nythra comes running and misses a step upon seeing what is left of Gil’s house. She is sorry for Gil and tries to cheer him up and only afterwards asks the party to go with her, since she has found an important lead on the Durthan. The party, eager to go after the Durthan accepts her teleport...

and end up in a prepared Durthan prison.

The Grand Attack

While the party is in prison life in Rashemen goes on and the players get a chance to play some of the leaders of Rashemen:

  • Lady Yhelbruna: (Cleric 6/Wizard 12/Hathran 10) The strongest of the Witches of Rashemen. She is old and is not very strong or vital any more, but she does have some very powerful spell-casting abilities.
  • Volas Dyervolk: (Barbarian 1/Fighter 2/Samurai 17) The Iron Lord and leader of Rashemen. He is far younger than the witches he is fighting with, but he is experienced in the arts of war and is a powerful warrior.
  • Blackhide: The most powerful druid of Rashemen and known to all common folk. She is a living legend and has powerful spellcasting abilities and can easily transform from willow wisp to pit fiend.

The combat is inside Urlingwood and is against two of the most powerful zulkir of Thay: Aznar Thrul and Nervon. While Aznar throws some horridly powerful evocation spells at the heroes, Nervon continually adds to his army of conjured demons. The combat is long and enduring, with some very near deaths, but eventually the hero’s of Rashemen manage to kill Aznar and Nervon only barely escapes.

end of session 6

Rewards: 7.000 XP (level up), 60.000 GP, Treasure: leather +5, amulet of natural armor +4, ring of protection +2, ring of freedom of movement, gloves of dex +4, gaunglets of str +6, elven cloak of displacement (20% blur, +4 hide, +4 m.silent), cloak of resistance +4, bracers of armor +6, ring of protection +3, (Greatclub of Ashen Waters, Bow of Dark Regret)

Memorable Deeds
  • Kongari of the Grey Reindeer Tribe bumps into the invisible Gene Parmesan in the middle of his taunt.
  • Tal Rasha’s recollection of his posession by the Bow of Dark Regret: “He underestimated the Eldest. It was clear he never met her before ;)”
  • Gene Parmesan’s prank of gluing together his friends’ shoes.
  • Tal Rasha’s destruction of the guest room in Gil’s house by casting righteous might.
  • Gilgul Neshamot’s genius action of tumbling his hammock over his invisible assailant, stunning him and knocking him unconscious without any further trouble whatsover.
  • Tal Rasha succesfully pretends he is dead against Ferneer Waters
  • Tal Rasha gets impatient (once again) and unleashes a meteor swarm at what’s left of Gil’s house. It does finish Ferneer (Dark), but it leaves little more than ruins of the beautiful house.
Next Session:
  • Imprisoned by the Durthan; unexpected rescuers.
  • Who leads the Durthan?
  • The missing phylactery.
Averting Disaster
Session 4

Beren’s Fall

The party teleports in front of the Iron Keep, where Beren Elestar drops heavily onto a bystander: Gilgul Neshamot. The bystander recognizes Beren as a friend and idol, but also quickly notices he is not breathing after being in the water for over 5 minutes.

After a few heal checks and some tears (especially from Tal Rasha) it is certain that Beren Elestar is amongst the living no more. And then, once they establish the fact, an Angel of Tyr appears at Beren’s corpse.

“I have come to take this Fallen Hero in name of Tyr, our great father. May Tyr bless you and shine his light upon you. May you follow the laws of the land, punish the guilty and reveal the truth where-ever you go. In his name we shall shine. Fare-ye-well!”

After these words the Angel of Tyr disappears together with the corpse of Beren. The only thing left behind is the Treasure Chest Beren was still holding when he was teleported out of the water.

Iron Keep

After this the party goes into the Iron Keep where Cara Irandum asks their buisness. The party tells about their mission with the Durthan and the note they have found, and ask to speak the Iron Lord. Cara goes in to ask the Iron Lord if this is allright, and comes back to ask where Beren is. Upon hearing of Beren’s death Cara is shocked and walks away, forgetting to invite them to go into the throne room.

The party goes to the Iron Lord and tells him pretty much the same. He says that it’s a shame that the country lost a hero like Beren, but doesn’t react very emotionally, to the frustration of Tal Rasha, who directly starts thinking bad of him. In the end it is deceided that the party will take Gilgul Neshamot, the Shou waiting outside, to replace Beren in the party. Then they should travel to Urling to inform the witches. The party is also kindly rewarded for their services.

Outside the Keep

The party steps outside and together they decide to take horses (since they no longer have a Griffon). But before they can go and rent horses somewhere, a female commoner bumps into Gene Parmesan. Gilgul Neshamot warns Gene to check his pockets, but Gene is already on it. Finding his amulet, ring and even his boots missing, he sprints after the thief, closely followed by both Ulik Brightvolk and Gilgul Neshamot.

Susy Lavorne

In this skill challange the individual party members can all chase the girl. They get a bonus depending on their speed (+2 / 10ft >30), a bonus for each succes (+2 / success) and a penalty for each failure (-2 / failure). Any character getting behind > 2 failures loses sight of her. On 3 successes in a row, or a successful skill challenge they catch up.

First the girl tumbles up on a roof. All three party members follow her easily. Next she jumps over a roof, and still all three follow, getting very close. Then she balances along the edge of the roof to afterwards jump into the crowd, but Gil, being the only one who is able to balance after her, catches her sleeve and throws her off the roof into the arms of Gene Parmesan, who, having lost his balance, was already down.

It is quickly apparent that Gene already knows the girl: Susy. He asks his possessions back and gets a choice between a dozen amulets on her neck and almost a dozen rings on her fingers. She is already wearing the boots, but has flexible shoes inside the boots on which she wants to walk away. Gene stops her and offers her 575 GP, ‘because I know she needs it”, which she accepts. She goes away less angry and even blows Gene a kiss before going around the corner.


The party rents horses and after almost 6 hours of hard riding they arrive in the evening at Urling. They directly go to the house of the Eldest, Lady Yhelbruna, and are invited in by Nythra of the Seven Rivers, who apparently knows Gilgul Neshamot pretty well. The Eldest uses her high sense motive once again to fill in any blanks the party leaves in their story, which also makes her the only one who gets the honest story about Beren’s death.

After the Eldest reads the Durthan Plans she thinks together with the party on what to do. Especially Tal Rasha is helpful, suggesting that they delve into history to see if a blast this size, with an anti-magic zone as a result has ever happened before. According to Lady Yhelbruna there was such an anti-magic zone, of an even grander scale, in Rashemen when the Witches of Rashemen first settled the land in 133 DR. The witches were the ones who restored the balance to the Weave, repairing the anti-magic zone.

With this new information the party pays a visit to the local Hathran historian: Tessa. The somewhat older woman invites the party in her home, which is stuffed with books, in bookcases but also at every chair and table. She says that in the Witches’ Lore is no mention of how the anti-magic zone had come about, but that she had found information in the Barbarian Lore, which dates back to before the Witches settled the land. (On a sidetrack it was explained that the Barbarians where the original settlers of Rashemen after the Raumathar empire fell. The Barbarian tribes eventually grew into the Noble families of today, of which Ulik Brightvolk is part.)

The oldest Barbarian Lore tells that the Barbarians settled the deserted land left after the empire of Raumathar was destroyed. Those lands, who had been flourishing and full of magic before, where then left ruined and without a trace of magic. This suggested that the anti-magic zone was originally created by the weapon that was used by Narfell to destroy Raumathar.

Following this lead Tessa suggested the party paid a visit to a befriended Theskian archeologist: Grevor d’Ortaion. Tessa teleports the party herself in front of the archeologists guild building.

Archeologists Guild (Tammar)

The guild looks very deserted and only one old man, Boris Colone, welcomed the party members and Tessa, who he knows. He was helpful and explained that Grevor d’Ortaion was in the Great Dale, which is unaccessible to travelers, because of the strict laws of the Circle of Leth. On an idea of Gilgul Neshamot he writes a letter and gives the party adjusted badges (which have, in small letters: TRAINEES, added). He is obviously a person of the old school, writing a grand letter with his autograph and a special seal.

Then the party rents horses (once again) and travels to the Great Dale

The Great Dale

It is well into the night, about 5:00 am, when the party finally arrives at the border and they camp right on it. As a pun Tal Rasha moves the border sign a bit into the forest, to shut up Gilgul Neshamot who says that they should not go into the forest uninvited. To make sure they all get some sleep Tal Rasha wards the tent with an alarm spell.

Only 2 hours later, at 7:00 Gene wakes up because of two talking females. He wakes up the rest, but they also trigger the alarm spell, which rudely wakes up Gilgul Neshamot who was left sleeping. After this they all get out of the tent, all sleepy-faced, to gaze upon a most extraordinary creature: Bibbie – a strange kind of angel with green wings, almost no clothes and a most perfect female body. Everyone except Ulik Brightvolk is taken aback by her beauty. Only after the other female starts talking they notice that also a ranger in more clothing with parrot feathers and a real parrot on her shoulder, is the leading figure of the extraordinary twosome. Or threesome as it appears, since the parrot is no ordinary parrot, but is very intelligent and even claims to be a polymorphed queen, that needs to be talked to with respect (on which Gilgul Neshamot immediately drops to his knees).

Melly, the ranger, asks in obvious anger about the party’s buisness. Moving the border post and sleeping in the Great Dale. The party says they need to go inside the Great Dale and this only makes her more angry. The parrot also doesn’t help, making pointed remarks (“You tell them, ducky”). Eventually they show the letter and are grumblingly led to the archeologist in question: Grevor.

Grevor d’Ortaion greets the party, thanks them for bringing the lovely females and then introduces himself with shine. He obviously thinks a lot of himself. He explains how he successfully found the ruins he is camped before by following an ancient map and digging all over the place. He has just finished uncovering the door and is unable to penetrate the walls inside.

The Ancient Tomb

After Grevor is convinced of the necessity for the party to investigate the tomb, he opens the tomb through a special mechanism and shows them the first red, fiery wall and the ancient sign saying “Only those who master the natural can pass.” A smart question from Gilgul Neshamot about the meaning of natural in ancient Narfell gets the party the information that natural in this case only means the things in nature. “Like water?” Gene asks. “Yep, like water.” says Grevor.

After some thinking about what to do of the wall, and Bibbie’s astounded exclamation that the wall is somehow not integrated in the magical spheres and therefore not sensible to magical detection (which is translated as “It seems magical, but doesn’t function like normal magic, making it undetectable through magical means. For magicians the wall is simply ‘not there’”), Gene finally loses his patience and gets a bucket of water out of a nearby stream. He comes back, throws it over the ‘magical’ fire, and poof, it vanishes.

There are six more walls, each more deadly then the next, but the party dissolves them pretty quickly, using rock, earth, fire, wind, living matter and sunlight. After destroying the last wall they find themselves face to face with an ancient mummy lord.

The Mummy Lord

By weird chance only the NPCs are stunned by the Mummy’s despair, and they quickly attack the abomination. The combat doesn’t last long, and while Tal Rasha is for once unable to do anything useful (spell resistance, damage reduction, immune to sneak attack), the other party members are very unimpressed by the mummy and after tripping him, they quickly end him.

Central Room

In the central room the party finds ancient texts about each of the King’s buried here. Especially the last king, who lived only 25 years, appears to be a key to uncovering the weapon of ancient Narfell.

The party decides to take a look into the sarcophagus of the last king: Destavor Derinar. They find a staff and a diadem with a ruby at his skeleton, as he was wearing in the pictures. After a moment’s discussion Gilgul Neshamot takes the diadem and the staff, and gives them to Tal Rasha for examining. Just like the items of the mummy, and the other ‘magical’ things in the tomb, the items do not detect as being magical. Still, they probably are, so Tal Rasha, overtaken by curiosity, puts on the diadem, and immediately hears the thoughts of the party members and the NPCs. He takes only a second to focus on Bibbie’s thoughts, but then quickly takes the wretched thing off, getting moral dilemma’s with it’s use. He also tests the staff, but can’t get it to work in any way. (Bibbie is also unable to). After some fishing he finally tells the party about the diadem and together they come to the conclusion that although the staff and the diadem were used by the ancient wizard who destroyed Raumathar, they were probably not the weapon itself.

The party decides to take the items back to the Eldest, and after a moment convincing the archeologist of the necessity, they teleport in front of her house. Tal Rasha has in the meanwhile thought up a plan and tries to convince his friends that he is going to destroy the diadem. While the other party members are unsure what to think of this turn-about, Gilgul Neshamot and Ulik Brightvolk go in to meet the Eldest, while Gene Parmesan follows Tal to check out what he is actually doing.

Gilgul Neshamot gives the translated written notes of the tomb texts to Lady Yhelbruna and explains about the staff and the diadem. She takes the staff from him and gives it to Nythra of the Seven Rivers for safe keeping in the vault. Then in her unusual way of stating the obvious she hints the party that they should be looking into this Raw Magic, which is probably the weapon by witch Raumathar was defeated.

The party meets back at Gilgul Neshamot’s house in Urling and the diadem is not destroyed. (Tal says the party was supposed to think this to fool the Eldest’ epic sense motive, but the plan didn’t really work out as it was supposed to).

All clues and papers are thrown on the table and the party starts discussing the issue at hand. They now know it is Raw Magic, specifically a Raw Magic Circle that is most likely the weapon used to destroy Raumathar, but what else do they know? Slowely they gather more from the paper and helpful NPC’s (Tessa and Nythra of the Seven Rivers):
  • As is known to history Narfell was destroyed at the exact same time as Raumathar. The ancient texts suggest that only Derinar family members made it out alive, although it can be interpreted that of their family only a few make it out alive.
  • Each of the Derinar family members has a unique ability that would better be described as a special ability than actual magical talent as we know it today. Still it seems to be the thing called Raw Magic. (It took Gil a hero point to fully get this).
  • The Raw Magic Circle probably consisted of several Raw Magic users, and those were probably all Derinar family members. In the big picture with the Raw Magic Circle the figures are all drawn ornately and richly.
  • There were obviously several family members that survived, they might have kept the talent somewhere in some civilization.

Eventually the party asks Tessa to find out if there are still people by the name of Derinar in today’s country’s surrounding ancient Narfell. After some more puzzeling Tessa comes back that there is one reference of a Derinar, but it’s still vague and from a longer time ago. After a while though she comes back again, saying there are several unique cases of criminals and other mysterious happenings that could be declared as Raw Magic. Those are all in Thesk, mostly around the area of Telflamm.


Having really only one real clue to follow the party eventually decides to travel to Telflamm. Knowing no better place to go to Tal Rasha teleports in front of the Shadowmasters HQ. They enter and are once again approached by the officer that guided them last time: Diego Gorvelli. After using the diadem to read his thoughts Tal Rasha also lets him in on the situation. Diego is helpful and thinks along with the party. He says he’s heard something about something before that could be described as Raw Magic. He gets a colleague who had been working on it to explain.

The colleague says that there have been several people with unusual abilities in the city and that they are strictly monitored by the Shadowmasters since some of them have done some unorthodox, and even harmful things. He also said that he noticed a message in the local tavern from someone trying to find more people ‘special like him’.

The Tavern

The party immediately goes to find the tavern, which isn’t hard. They are redirected to the billboard and then read a small note written by Sam Deran. The party members notice that the last name is pretty close to the old family name and the message asks anyone with an unusual singular magical talent to come to a mansion a bit out of the city. The party follows the directions to this mansion.

Sam Deran

The party arrives at the mansion of Sam. It is not in a good state and anyone knowing anything about nobility recognizes that Sam must be poor or desperate. They walk to the front door and are told to wait by a butler. Eventually a fat little man comes to the door, it is Sam himself. Sam first doesn’t even get what the party is talking about, him and his gathered friends blowing up Urling and using the diadem of thought reading only proofs that Sam doesn’t really know what he is doing. That he invited his friends out of an honorable initiative to get to know people in a similar situation. But before the party can convince Sam to prepare an ambush for the Red Wizard that Sam says is coming in the evening, they are interrupted by… a Red Wizard. The wizard speaks up to hold the party members, but they are already charging at him.


After already taking a blow from Gene and Tal, he starts to defend himself and nearly turns Tal Rasha to stone, were it not for Tal’s unusual ability to absorb the magical attacks made against him. Next thing they know also an Iron Golem walks into the room, ready to protect the Red Wizard. This could prove to be quite a challange…

But it’s nothing of the sort. Being a tad unprepared, outnumbered and certainly out-skilled, the wizard is taken down before he can cast another spell. The golem is more tough, but after Gilgul Neshamot enlarges himself through a potion and pins the golem, (can you imagine this?!) the combat is hardly a challenge anymore.

Eram Ekasoki

Before Ulik Brightvolk can take a few good swings to really end the Red Wizard he is stopped by Gilgul Neshamot, who says not to kill the guy. After the combat they wake him up and it is quickly apparent that although he is under the influence of some kind of mind-effecting spell, he still has enough of his own wits to hint the party at it. After Tal Rasha casts Protection from Evil he feels more clear and tells the party about the plan of his master, Lauzoril, who wanted to use the Raw Magic Circle to (yes they already figured it out) blow up Urling and Urlingwood.

The Circle

From here the party decides to go tell the gathered people the news. After telling them what they nearly did, the people disperse. Some following the advice of Gilgul Neshamot to go to the archeologists for more information on their talents and it’s origin, and some just wanting to go home. After a while the party is alone with Sam Deran and after saying goodbye the party teleports with Eram in front of the Iron Keep.

Iron Keep

The idea behind this teleport is to help Eram, who will be safe from magical influences inside the Iron Keep, since it is some kind of anti-magic zone (at least for non-hathran). Inside the keep they meet Cara Irandum, who is not very pleased to become a baby-sitter for the Red Wizard and leaves them to their own trouble. Luckily a guard captain is more helpful and promises to make sure Eram doesn’t leave the compound. They once again talk to Eram for some more information on his boss, but now both Eram and Gilgul agree that Lauzoril is a good guy and not evil. That Lauzoril wouldn’t do this, that it was probably his superior or something.


Not having time to waste the party once again teleports, this time to Urling. They go to the house of the Eldest and are too tired to explain the story in full. But Lady Yhelbruna fills in the blanks and is pleased that the threat is no longer a threat. On Tal’s advice she promises not to tell the other Hathran before trying to figure out which Durthan are unable to attend to the Moon Festival. This should be helpful to catch at least a few Durthan.

Asides from that the party is kindly thanked and rewarded handsomely. They are also told that Castor Black wants to meet them, and that Tal will know where to find the Vremyonni.

Then the party can finally go to Gilgul’s house and get some well-deserved rest. But not after they drink themselves unconscious with the Rashemi firewine.

The next morning they have a meeting with the othlors. It is mostly Lady Yhelbruna who speaks, telling first of the secret behind the domination of the witches over Szass Tam. It appears that the witches hold the phylactery of the lich in Urlingwood under careful guard. By having the soul of the lich, they also have come to an agreement, where the lich can still rule Thay, but is not allowed to attack Rashemen or even harm the lands. As well as the surrounding lands. For the last 16 years the lich has honed the agreement and stopped most threats against the surrounding lands (Although of course there are always a few evil’s amongst the evil that are not lawful enough to listen to their leader).

Because of this hold over the lich and the trouble with Lauzoril, Lady Yhelbruna suggests to the party that they use this to ask the lich to help destroy Lauzoril. He will help because the witches might destroy his soul otherwise, which would make him mortal and vulnerable, and could likely lead to his death. Another reason that he will help is because it is known that Lauzoril and Szass Tam are not best buddies. That Lauzoril has ignored orders of the lich in the past, and has taken Rashemi slaves and done other evil deeds against the lich’s wishes in the past.

As ever Lady Yhelbruna offers the party a chance to come up with a better plan, but once again the party has no response to her logic, or at least no better plan.

end of session 4

Rewards: 9.000 XP, 150.000 GP, Raw Magic ring of invisibility, unidentified nonmagical ring, unidentified *nonmagical brooch, *nonmagical half-plate, *nonmagical cloak

  • These items may be Raw Magic items, all from the same Mummy Lord in the Narfell Kings Tomb.
Memorable Deeds
  • Beren Elestar is taken by an angel.
  • Tal Rasha cries on Gilgul Neshamot’s shoulder, as the only one shedding tears over the dead paladin.
  • Gene Parmesan gives Susy Lavorne 575 GP after she steals his ring, amulet and boots and almost gets away with them.
  • The party meets Bibbie (and [[:melly and Reg)
  • Gene Parmesan throws water on the strange wall of fire and makes it disappear while Bibbie and the PC’s are still thinking of theories of how to breach these walls in a more spectacular way.
  • The party’s reaction on there being a note in the local tavern: “God damnit, we should’ve looked there first!”
  • Eram Ekasoki’s very surprised look when he pointedly *doesn’t turn Tal Rasha to stone. (Of course not, it’s Tal Rasha, the mightiest mage of Rashemen!)
  • Gilgul Neshamot shows his worth by pinning a Iron Golem, making it unable to do a single useful action for the 4 rounds the party needs to kill it.
Next Session:
  • Discover the identity of the Puppeteer, is it Lauzoril?
  • How to convince a 200 year old lich of helping him destroy his ally?
  • What the hell does Castor Black want?
  • Is it over now?
The Durthan
Session 3
  • Focus: infiltration mission & dungeon
  • Spotlight: Durthan


The party ended in Urling and is quickly recapped on how to infiltrate Ethran Forest. Most important is that they do not take any magic items and not wear armor heavier than studded leather (since they pose as slaves), nor take weapons that can not be hidden by Gene.


The party has been advised that they should look for a town where the Durthan are recruiting. It doesn’t take them long to find a recruiting party in the local inn of Forla, a small Theskian town. They are all checked for spell-casting potential, and only Beren is briefly frowned upon for his divine potential and told he could become a cleric. They are also asked to sign a paper that they are working for an amount of 5 sp per week in construction.

Next the party (and other new workers) are being led by the Durthan into the forest. Gene is the only one who spots the evil spirits and shadows, but keeps this to himself as not to frighten his friends.

After a while they arrive at the castle that is being constructed. It is about halfway and the party is quickly introduced in what they have to do – mostly carrying stones.

Posing as guards

According to Tal the Durthan Area is not actually here, but a bit farther. For this the party starts a skill challange to slip away and disguise as guards.

The party tries to bluff their way past the nearest guard, but fails (failure) to convince him. Luckily Tal is able to use ‘charm person’ to convince the guard anyway (success). The party is still bound in ropes, so they break free (which takes a bit longer than it could, 2 success, 2 failure) and then sneak towards a nearby storeroom (success). They open the lock (success) and enter the area where they disguise themselves as guards.

The Durthan dungeon

Disguised as guards the party can easily make it over to the guarded area and even enter. They are let in, but then encounter the guard captain who is not convinced that the party needs to go beyond the door to the Durthan. And says he should recognize them, but doesn’t. By an epic bluff of Gene the party is eventually let through, but it is yet to be determined if that is a good thing.

The Ethran Room

In the next room there are 10 women of different ages (mostly pretty young), studying scrolls and books. One of them approaches the party (who just want to get through) and asks them their business, claiming they are not allowed here. Although the bluffing of Gene almost saves them also this time, eventually they are attacked.

In the combat Beren starts by locking the door (against the guards) and Tal starts by casting hold person on the woman that talked to them. The resulting combat against 5 wizards and 5 clerics is a tough one. It is only because Tal is impenetrable to their magic that they eventually survive the encounter.

The Guards

After a minute to recharge their health magically, the door is finally blasted open by the Guard Captain. He and his men step into the room and quickly notice what has happened. The party has in the meanwhile set the tables in a defensive formation and expect to take a ready attack on a charging Guard captain. But instead the guard captain angrily goes to the nearest table and throws it into the party members. His minions follow and one even tries to do the same as his commander, but he fails.

The minion guards are easily taken out by the magic missles that Tal has spellstolen of the wizards. But the guard captain proves to be tough. This barbarian 1 / fighter 9 has a lot of HP and flies into a rage on seeing his underlings die. He should have finished Geneafter dealing him a powerful blow, but instead chose to focus on the more annoying Beren. (Wouldn’t be the first time people ignore inconspicuous Gene…) Eventually he is taken down. The party, once again wounded and out of healing decides to take a peek in the storeroom of the guards to check for any healing or other treasure. They also loot the pretty awesome treasure of the Guard Captain.

Guard’s Storeroom

In the storeroom Gene checks for traps and finds a trap which he can not disable. He offers himself to open the chest anyway while the other party members are out of sight. He is hit by a poisonous gas cloud, but survives it without taking any damage. And loots some more amazing treasure, including another healing wand.

The Empty Room?

The party continues to the door behind the Ethran and find an empty room. Strange, but luckily Tal Rasha knows that the Durthan use secret doors to make their area’s less accessible. He says there should be a door to the Durthan and other doors to treasure, traps and/or monsters.

The party searches the room and finds 4 doors. After another search they find a fifth door. They start with the left door, but are unable to open it, but determine it has a non-magical mechanism that should get it opened. Next they go to the other side and find a similar mechanism. Then they open a random door that is not impossible to open and see an empty room. Gene enters first to scout and disappears. After a brief surprised discussion the other party members quickly follow him. They come into a room where they meet a Gargantuan Elder Black Ooze.

The resulting combat is once again a tough one. The ooze disinergrates the newly found weapons and it is lucky that most party members carry multiple weapons due to sneaking in weapons, posing as guards and finding better weapons. The ooze is split into many parts at the beginning of the combat, which turns out to be quite troublesome, but also makes it easier for Tal (after he gets freed from a grapple by Gene) to blast them to bits with fireballs from his new staff of power. Eventually both Gene Parmesan and Beren Elestar come VERY close to dying before Tal and Ulik (who needed to rage once again) manage to kill the last of the smaller oozes and can rescue their fallen friends from death. Both of them sustain severe trauma. Beren loses an eye to acid and Gene hides another horrifying acid scar.

Treasure Room I

After the ooze the party continues in the southern door that leads them into a room filled with treasure. They encounter no traps and decide to take everything and put it to good use.

Blade Barriers?

Next the party chooses another easy door and they enter a hallway (in the same teleportation manner). After teleporting the party discovers a blade barrier blocking their way. They look for some kind of disabling switch and instead find a switch that seems to do nothing. But after some deducting they check the first door and yep, it’s open now.

Treasure Room II

Also in that previously inaccessible room is a lot of wealth that the party directly takes and puts to good use.

The Durthan Rooms

The last door leads to a hallway that shows two Durthan rooms at a time. Most of the doors are arcane locked, but they manage to find 2 open doors. One probably belonging to Raine Silverleaf and in the other one they find a ruby hairpin that Ulik Brightvolk recognizes.

Hidden Office

Unsure what to do the Tal decides to use the Detect Secret Doors scroll they have found with the treasure and that leads to the discovery of a 6th hidden door in the not-so-empty room. Opening it they see an empty office and upon teleporting in they discover it is not empty, but instead occupied by Raine Silverleaf.

Raine Silverleaf

Raine welcomes the party and gives them a moment to talk to her. She is apparently left by the other Durthan after her failure and can redeem herself by killing the party members, if they come. She speaks about it lightly, saying that either she or the party members will die. Tal tries to convince her that the other Durthan have abandoned her and that she can just leave them, but gets frustrated with her answers and comes to the conclusion that she must be stupid.


Eventually the talking gets boring and Raine attacks the party. She starts by dominating poor Ulik Brightvolk. From that moment it’s 3 vs 3. Raine tries next with two attempts to stop Tal from harming her and even makes Ulik attack Tal, but despite her best efforts she is unable to land a successful spell on Tal. In the meanwhile she does manage to confuse her own incorporeal animal companion and Gene. Beren takes the time to Bullrush Raine into a corner using her desk as momentum. After Tal manages to put a wall of force between himself and Ulik and Beren and Tal manage to drive Raine into a corner, it doesn’t take long to knock her unconscious. It is a bit troublesome to undo the domination on Ulik (which Raine can control telepathically), but Tal manages to do it by spellstealing Raine’s own dispel magic and using it against her own domination, which succeeds barely (since her wizard caster level was only 10).

The desk and the bedroom

Next Gene searches the desk, which is masterfully stripped of all evidence, but manages to find a small forgotten note in the bedroom, which holds valuable information of the Durthan Plans. He also finds a secret door to a treasure room.

Treasure Room

Beren says he will offer himself to open the treasure chest (and trigger a possible trap) this time and courageously goes into the room alone. Unfortunately for him this was the wrong moment to act heroic, and he gets stuck into a forcecage that is slowely filling itself with water. The party discusses a while on what to do, because Tal has only 1 teleport left that works in this area. (An outside teleport into Ethan Forest would not work). Raine offers to exchange information in return for being set free. She argues that she is a disgrace to both Hathran and Durthan and is no longer a threat anyway. She makes the party members right it down on paper while Beren is still drowning. She gives a good hint: that outside there are more Durthan that probably have spells that could save Beren. Tal rushes outside with Gene, while Ulik holds Raine. Tal finds the nearest Durthan and steals her teleport and rushes back. The angry durthan misses a fireball and then rushes behind the fleeing party members. They manage to grab Ulik and Raine and then Tal teleports them inside the water with Beren, who by this time has lost consciousness. They take only a moment to laugh at the angry Durthan who casts cone of cold on the forcecage, but doesn’t manage to inflict the party any harm, and then teleport to just outside the Iron Keep

end of session 3

Rewards: 4.000 XP, 41.000 GP, Treasure: (total worth: 51.162,5) (arcane) scroll of 1. color spray (25), 1. magic weapon (25), 2. ghoul touch (150), 2. spectral hand (150), 2. eagle’s splendor (150), 4. ice storm (700), 5. teleport (1125), (divine) scroll of 1. magic weapon (25), 1. bless weapon (100), 2. cure moderate wounds (150), 4. poison (700), 5. spell resistance (1125), ring of protection +3 (18000), potion of remove paralysis (300), potion of neutralize poison (300), potion of resist fire (300), scimitar +1 (2000), +3 merciful ghost touch Hammer, gnome hooked (50000), +3 heavy wooden shield of fire resistance (27000)

Memorable Deeds
  • After Gene’s quote: “just on the safe side I hide and scout the empty room”, Gene Parmesan stepped into the room and boy was he happy he was hidden when he saw the Gargantuan Elder Black Ooze in front of him!
  • Beren Elestar totally through his patience with the stupid dungeon rushes in to open the final treasure chest… and drowns in a magical forcecage that fills with water. Careful next time!
  • Tal Rasha laughs at the ‘pathetic’ Ethran clerics and wizards who, after failing to land any spell, start attacking him with a greataxe and 2 daggers. He is less enjoyed by the fact that they did manage to almost kill all of his friends and kills the poor buggers in return.
  • The Guard Captain breaks down the door, observes the situation with the hidden and ready-to-ambush party members and instead of falling for the ambush, throws the table that was supposed to provide cover right at Tal and Ulik, who are smashed back.
  • The Guard minion who tries to do the same as his superior but fails utterly and can’t do Gene any harm with the table.
  • Beren Elestar bull-rushes a oaken desk into poor Raine Silverleaf who is thrown back and trapped behind the fallen desk.
Next Session:
  • Averting the disaster that is supposed to strike during the Moon Festival
  • Finding out the identity of the puppeteer!
The end of Wolar Moreni
Session 2
  • Focus: throwing in some more player-related stuff and deepening the plot
  • Spotlight: Shadowmasters

The Iron Lord

The party starts the session Iron Lord’s throne room. e

The Iron Lord tells the party that he thinks the Shadowmasters are not finished with Rashemen. The party agrees and he asks them to try and stop Wolar Moreni. They can start by visiting Minas Defrout, whom Beren Elestar already knows.


In the big trading city of Telflamm the party is easily let in and they continue to Minas. But before they arrive their attention is drawn near the city center by a public crier.

Dirk the Slager

It seems that a peasant by the name of Dirk is forming a militia of angry townsfolk. The crier tells the party that Rashemen has attacked Two Stars and that they have started a war. That the Merchant Council has not taken action, that the Shadowmasters have not taken action, and that therefore it is up to the people to take action against the Rashemi. Eventually Beren Elestar managed to convince the gathered crowd that they should not fight Rashemen, but this is probably just a small victory in the numbers that are gathering.

Solvan Demeno

When the party almost reaches Minas’ hideout they are distracted by the music of an old acquaintance of Ulik Brightvolk, a bard named Solvan Demeno. After greeting Ulik the party is introduced and upon hearing of Beren he is positively surprised and goes on about his heroics, telling the ‘Savior of Telflamm’ that he has written a song about him. He sings it for the party. Afterwards he asks about their business and points them along to the headquarters, which appear to be common knowledge to him.

Minas Defrout

The party enters the headquarters and almost directly there is cheering for Beren. They are led by an Shadowmasters officer to the office of Minas and in the meanwhile Tal informs what it is that Beren did. It seems he accomplished (mostly diplomatic) victory over the Sharkjaw Pirates and was a leading figure in their defeat. He had also performed many heroic actions already years before.

Minas himself greets Beren just as warmly and asks if the Savior is back to help, that he could use some help right about now. Instead the party rushes to their questions for Minas. They find out that Minas has not communicated with Wolar before he has left, which is not (entirely) like him, although Wolar has been known to make his own decisions in times of need. The party confide that he might be dominated and Minas says that would explain things. He also tells the party that he has full faith in Dark, the intelligence officer of the Shadowmasters that he has put on the job of finding Wolar. He commands the officer to guide the party to Dark.


After Gene Parmesan admires the handiwork of the hideout, which he would probably not have found within this time himself, the party is led to the office of Dark. Dark answers some of the party’s questions, but is overall not very helpfull, taking more information from the party then he gives to them. He only says he has people working on it.

The party leaves disappointed, but then Beren spots Sofia Astar, an old friend of his. She is more helpful than Dark and helps the party by telling them that she knows Wolar very well, and that Wolar is a very structured man that is bound to have some sort of emergency plan for attacking Rashemen somewhere in his office. She also confides in the party that she doesn’t fully trust Dark anymore, he seems a bit different since the last time.

To check on this Tal directly goes back to the office. His first intention is to cast Protection from Evil on Dark, but the man is behind a large desk in a dark corner, so he decides to simply cast detect magic instead, which tells him that Dark is not under any spell’s effect at that moment. (which makes his shadowy form all the more disturbing)

Note that in this campaign detect magic is used to determine magic on a specific focus. This means that Tal did not know if there was any other magic hidden in the room, on his person or on the other party members. He only checked if Dark was under a direct spell effect (such as dominate).


Next the party heads to Tammar. The party decides to let Gene Parmesan infiltrate the hideout and find Wolar’s office alone. This is done with help of a skill challange. First Gene listens at the door (failure), then walks in hidden behind the guard (success), he then waits for the guard to go away and opens the lock to the office (success). He moves silently into the office (success) and quickly notices a trap and even it’s secret unlocking mechanism. (success). Needs some tries to open the lock (failure). He searches the office for the plans and finds them (success), but not he alarm spell (failure) that was on them. He quickly gets out and fails to convince the guard that he was ‘reacting to the alarm’ (failure). But because of his performance he gets away anyway.

What the party doesn’t know is that in this act Gene Parmesan left some other valuables, including gold pieces, in the office which he could’ve taken. But the most important treasure is taken back to the party: the attack plan

Iron Lord

From Tammar the party goes back to the Iron Lord to inform him about their findings. He asks the party to inform the Witches of Rashemen and help them if needed. He also informs the party that the missing people from the night attack (which is now named the Night of Silent Death), were found in the city square in a gruesome manner. They were removed swiftly and a public burial will be held the next day at 8:00 in the morning. Of course the party members are expected to attend.


The attack plan shows the victims of Immilmar (which strangely enough include Beren Elestar and not Gene Parmesan, who was the first to be attacked in his house). And then continues to Urling and shows a list of important witches there whom Tal Rasha all knows or has heard of.

The party decides to go to Teresa Sweetrose in the outskirts of town and while Tal asks Beren some personal and challanging questions, she teleports in (and saves Beren), to ask the party what they have come for. They quickly explain and the next moment they get a Will save to resist the teleport of Teresa. None of them roll and they end up in the mansion of Lady Yhelbruna, the Eldest of the Witches of Rashemen and the leader of Urling. She asks pointed questions and seems to know all the answers before asking, or at least deducting answers from a minimum of information. While the party is asked to make the plans, it appears to be mostly her to device it and it is ‘decided’ that all other targets are evacuated, but that the party members will protect Lady Yhelbruna, who is the most likely target of Wolar himself.

The party is also informed (by the Eldest and Teresa, who teleports back and forth to the Shadowmasters to find out how Wolar and his men opperate) that Wolar’s elite usually attacks at 4:00 in the night (just like in Immilmar the night before), take their time to study their targets and will probably attack the witches with anti-magic zones activated to disable their spell casting abilities. Aside from that most have powerful death strike’s (as assassins) and Wolar is an accomplished mage-killer himself.

It is decided that Beren Elestar will sleep in Yhelbruna’s bed. That Gene Parmesan will cover his arse by hiding in the corner. And that Ulik Brightvolk, Tal Rasha and Lady Yhelbruna sit in the next room around a table.


A few minutes past 4:00 Wolar himself attacks Beren is his bed. Since he was invisible and moved very silent, Gene did not notice. Wolar does Beren a lot of damage, confuses him and steals his spells. Next the party also hears 4 assassins join the combat from 4 different directions (3 windows and the front door). In Beren’s turn he wanders away in confusion, earning him a attack of oppertunity which drops him unconscious. Luckily the Eldest hears his scream and casts time stop to both buff herself, dimension door and heal Beren. Unfortunately this does bring her next to Wolar. Tal starts to prepare some kind of spell but then the remaining party members are attacked by the assassins. Tal is paralysed and dropped to 0 hit points in one turn by two assassins that both stab him in the gut with poison. Ulik and Gene are attacked by 2 other assassins that manage to do a lot less since they can not perform sneak attacks on the two. The rest of the combat Ulik and Gene worry about the assassins, while Beren and Yhelbruna try to counter Wolar as best as they can. Wolar is an annoying enemy that stays invisible throughout the combat, confusing any whom he can sneak attack and stealing spells and buffs alike. Yhelbruna soon starts to dispel him, but it is not easy to dispel his dominate (or other spell effects). Eventually the assassins are knocked out and Beren heroically throws the unconscious assassin with his anti-magic zone aura to Wolar, which immediately dispels the domination and makes him surrender willingly.

Wolar Moreni

Because Wolar can not be dispelled inside an anti-magic zone, he is knocked unconsciously (willingly) and then dispelled. Tal is surprised his considerable magical talents do not allow him to dispel the domination of Wolar, but luckily Lady Yhelbruna is eventually able to dispel his domination. He is then healed and asked if he knows anything about the person who dominated him. Unfortunately he knows as little as Sloan Forman and then promises the party and the witches that he will swiftly return to Minas with his men. He apologizes for the attacks, but is forgiven because of his domination.

After Wolar leaves the party receives a considerable monetary reward and some treasure from the Witches.

Rendevous at 11:00

The Eldest has more business for the party members, but she knows about the Funeral and gives the party members permission to attend to it (at 8:00 in Immilmar), but asks the party to attend to the othor meeting at 11:00.

The Funeral

The following people are buried: The following people are present in the ceremony:

The ceremony starts with the Iron Lord telling the public how sorry he is. He openly states that the attack on Two Stars was caused by an unknown mage and that the payback of the Shadowmasters is very unfortunate, but was partly stopped by the heroes. After an addition of Beren it was also stated that the group of assassins responsible for the death has been lifted of their domination and are no longer a threat.

After this Yodu Brightvolk makes a speech about his late father, his heroism and how he will now with a heavy heart take the family’s chief position and step in as the new Fanglord of the second army. He thanks his family for their support and asks if any of them want to speak, which none of them do.

Tal wants to make a speech about the influence of the party, but is stopped by his friends.

Othlor meeting

After the Funeral the party goes back to Urling to arrive on time for the meeting with the othlors:

It appears that Lady Yhelbruna called the party together, so they can help capturing Raine Silverleaf. It is explained (by Blackhide) that it is nigh impossible for Hathran to enter Ethan Forest, because of the magical wardings and evil spirits. The party however, can pose as slaves and if they leave their magical equipment home they should not have any problems, since none of them is a powerful spellcaster. By this time it is clear that the Eldest knows a bit about Tal, but doesn’t see him as a spellcaster, which of course offends Tal.

After the party gets a chance to ask questions, they are eventually sent on their way.

end of session 2

Rewards: 4.500 XP, 15.000 GP, Treasure: (total worth: 18,875 GP) (arcane) scroll of 3. major image (375), 3. phantom steed (375), 4. scrying (700), 4. animate death (1050), emerald x2 (2000), alexandrite (400), (arcane) 3. scroll of illusiory script (225), 3. ray of exhaustion (275), 4. rainbow pattern (700), wand of dispel magic, 12 charges, 5th level caster (11250), wand of fox cunning (44 charges) (4500), potion of protection from arrows 10/magic (300), scroll of 2. ghoul touch (150), 1. cause fear (25), sleep (25), gem of brightness (13000)

Memorable Deeds
  • Gene Parmesan singlehandedly breaks into the office of an important Shadowmasters officer and gets out practically unnoticed, avoiding any damage to himself or the party’s reputation. Although the party doesn’t actually knows it, he left all the treasure!
  • Beren Elestar succeeded in throwing an unconscious assassin (with anti-magic zone activated) to Wolar Moreni, which saved Lady Yhelbruna and ended the combat.
  • After recovering from 2 would-be fatal blows to the gut, Tal Rasha was all set with see invisibility and true strike to dispel the domination of Wolar Moreni by (once again) jumping through a window to save the day. Unfortunately Beren beat him to it.
  • Ulik Brightvolk tripped over his own food at seeing Rafna Forman, but eventually had a serious conversation with her. Way to go love!
Next Session:
  • Infiltrating the Durthan forest as a group of slaves.
  • Finding out the motives behind the Durthan and their plans.
The mystery of Sloan Forman
session 1
  • Focus: introduce the players to the setting and getting to know each other
  • Spotlight: Iron Lord & Rashemen’s army


The party met for the first time before entering the throne room of the Iron Keep. Beren Elestar and Ulik Brightvolk where first, together with Ulik’s father, Menyo Brightvolk. As Ulik’s father was ensuring his son was going to be allright, also Tal Rasha came, just a tad late.

They are called inside into the throne room and only when the Iron Lord, Volas Dyervolk introduces the members to each other, they notice that another person has joined them: Gene Parmesan


  • Beren Elestar is introduced as a ‘well-known Rashemi hero, with countless heroic deeds’ although he himself clearly thinks its all exaggerated. He is a paladin who takes his faith in Tyr very seriously. He wears full plate, wields a bastard sword and has very long hair (longest in the party), which suggests high standing. It is also briefly mentioned he is originally from Aglarond. The party will later hear he is married to a Hathran named Rosa Defrout who is a distant cousin to Minas Defrout (the Shadowmasters boss). He is 37 years old.
  • Ulik Brightvolk is introduced as ‘the son of an honored Fanglord, Menyo Brightvolk , part of the noble Brightvolk family]] and a hero-to-be to the country’. He looks very strong and has a big sword on his back, wearing chainmail for protection under his new and shining noble outfit. His hair, only slightly longer than Beren Elestar, is second-longest in the party. He is a typical Rashemi with a short, musculair, build and blonde hair. He is 27 years old.
  • Tal Rasha is introduced as ‘a powerful rogue mage’. He is dressed in red wizard robes and has a staff with him. He is the youngest party member and it is soon clear that he has a dislike to the Hathran whom he all wants to defeat in a duel. He also has long hair, similar to Ulik Brightvolk and will later deny to be Vremyonni, even though he can cast arcane spells. He also says to be living in Rashemen.
  • Gene Parmesan is inroduced as ‘a nice guy’ and it is clear the Iron Lord does not really know what to tell about him. Later he will confess to the party that he is a personal spymaster for the Iron Lord, which is also apparent considering his skills and way of working. He also lives in Immilmar, in a pretty ordinary part of town. He is dressed as a very normal person, with nothing of interest. He hides his weapons and armor skillfully, although the party has seen him wield a wounding sword, which appears to be just one of his weapons. Out of all the party members he is the only one with a normal length of hair, which suggests he is the only one without a noble background. Although it could just be one of his disguises.

The Iron Lord

After the introduction the Iron Lord told the party of the recent trouble: that Two Stars was burned to the ground by Rashemi troops, led by Fanglord Sloan Forman. He asked the party specifically to make sure the army returned home and that they went to Tammar to tell the major there that Rashemen does not want war and will repay the damage. He also asks the party to ask to find out how this happened, so a future event can be prevented. For this he suggests they visit Mulsantir, for example the harbor master or Sloan’s wife.

Chinevre and Cara

On the way out the party notice that also Chinevre Rothschild and Cara Irandum were inside the room listening to the conversation. They lead the party outside and Cara only has a brief chat with Beren Elestar about looking after his children while he is gone. Chinevre addresses the party after Cara is gone and shares her concern that the leading Othlor of the Mulsantir region, Sheva Whitefeather should have prevented the Fanglord from leaving. She suggests to talk with her to find out what happened.


After that the party continues to outside but is stopped by a young man in black robes and with a black staff. The guy is looking around as if it is his first visit to the Iron Keep and takes it all in with wonder and excitement. Upon seeing the party he directly heads over and starts asking them questions about what they are doing, and after a disappointing answer from Beren, he starts to ask every party member separately about the heroic deeds from their past, clearly out to hearing a good story. It is clear that Tal Rasha knows him and identifies him as Castor Black. He also asks Castor if he is able to cast teleport, so he can help speed up their journey. Castor agrees to teleport them to Mulsantir in return for a good story.


Family Forman

In Mulsantir the party first heads to the house of Sloan Forman and his family. They are greeted by a servant, who clearly recognizes Ulik Brightvolk and has heard of Beren Elestar. They are lead in and soon are welcomed by Teresa Forman and her two daughters Rafna Forman and Hetta Forman. Observing party members notice that Ulik Brightvolk is pretty uncomfortable, rearranging his hair, straightening his outfit and trying not to look like a ripe tomato.

The finds out that Sloan was irritated and had sleepless nights. He didn’t tell his family anything, but through gestures, such as a loving farewell, they were alarmed as to what he was planning.

The Encampment

Next the party head to the now deserted part of town where the soldiers where stationed. Some recruits and old veterans remain and the party talked with a 16-year old, who directed them to ‘old Gerrit’, a one-legged veteran. Gerrit told the party that he snooped on Sloan and was suspicious all along. That he thought the ongoings strange but hadn’t reacted fast enough with a message to the authorities. Next the party went inside the officers building (illegal, Gene Parmesan unlocking the door), but even though Gene Parmesan had some pretty good suggestions, they found no evidence that the general was somehow in contact with anyone that gave him the orders.


Then the party went to the harbor where they found out that a supply of food for 2 weeks was taken with the departing army and that everything happened under orders of Raine Silverleaf, who nobody dared to dispute.

Sheva Whitefeather

In the temple of Sheva Whitefeather the party was received by Annie Mc’Doan who was soon emotional over the questions of the party. She told the party that it was her fault for not paying enough attention to the army at wartime. Nobody conforted her and later she answerd some questions about Raine Silverleaf, who she was also suspicious off and never liked in the first place.

Two Stars

The party continued on to Two Stars where they found out that the entire army had passed, burned the place to the ground (with the help of magic) and left, following the Golden Way. Fortunately there were not too many corpses and the party soon found tracks of survivors leading away from the village.

The 3rd army

Following the Golden Way the party soon found the army, that was already making camp for the evening. They dismounted Beren’s griffon and went closer by foot. They were soon stopped by Raine Silverleaf who demanded they go away, even before they told her what they came for. She kept insisting and although she answered some questions about where she got her orders from, she was clearly angry that the party could not follow the orders of a Hathran. She also did not want them talking to Sloan Forman. The party conferred together and then saw Sloan Forman coming out of the encampment towards the party. He was almost sent back by Raine, but Tal Rasha saved the day by mentioning his daughters. He then ignored the witch and started talking to the party about his family. He clearly hinted at something, but due to the failed skill-challange the party was unable to find out what he meant.

Teresa Sweetrose

Still unsure how to handle the situation, the party decided to call in a high ranking Hathran or Othlor to help convince Raine that she was doing the wrong thing. They traveled by griffon to Urling where they went to the house of Teresa Sweetrose on the directions of Tal Rasha. They had to wait for the witch, who was not home, but soon teleported back in. They were warmly received and Teresa was very helpful, assisting the party with information and eventually offering to go there in person. Tal Rasha teleported the party back to the encampment.

Back at the army

Because the party teleported in, they were not first confronted by Raine, but instead where stopped by guards, who easily stepped aside at seeing the othlor. They went to find Raine, and when they finally saw her (and she them), she teleported away.

They then went to Sloan, who was still not saying anything useful, even though Raine was gone. It didn’t take Teresa long to get a hunch and after casting ‘detect magic’ to check him, she concluded that he was under domination, and dispelled the wretched spell, which took her three tries.


The party still wanted to warn the major of Tammar and even though it was already well into the night, they traveled to the city anyway. After a brief conversation with the guards they were let in and found an inn, the Merry Colone to stay at.

Girovanni Torelli

The next morning the party went to the major, Girovanni Torelli, around 10, after he had eaten his breakfast. He received the party warmly and listened carefully to their story. After they had finished he said he believed them and would do a good word for them at the Merchant Council. He also said that the true power in the city was not in his hands, and that they should find Wolar Moreni in his headquarters.

Shadowmaster headquarters

They went to the headquarters, but did not meet Wolar as expected. Instead they were received by Gary Pilonari. The man was clearly swamped in work and it seemed like many people didn’t know what to do and asked him questions that he also didn’t know the answer to. He did manage to get some work done and was clearly not stupid. But couldn’t help the party, since he didn’t know where Wolar and his whole elite were. He only said they left the afternoon before, after they heard the fate of Two Stars

The party came to the conclusion that the Shadowmasters elite and Wolar probably went through the Plane of Shadow to attack Rashemen or the army of Sloan Forman.

Back to Immilmar

The party went back to Immilmar to see the Iron Lord, but unforunately he was in a meeting with some important witches. Cara Irandum stopped the party and listened to their story about the missing Shadowmasters. She took Beren very seriously and promised to mobilize the Iron Defenders to defend the city, in case they were attacked by the Shadowmasters elite.

She also told the party to come back the next morning at 10:00 to meet with Volas Dyervolk

Gene Parmesan’ house

The party went on different errands. Tal Rasha went buying scrolls in the Vremyonni shop, Beren went to find information about previous warfare of Thesk, Ulik Brightvolk went home to his estate and Gene Parmesan waited for the witches to finish with the Iron Lord, but gave up when darkness fell to collect the party members and invite them to sleep in his house.


Gene Parmesan was attacked in the night, but luckily woke up before the assassin could complete his death strike. He immediately took his sword from under his pillow, rolled up and fought back. He was outnumbered, but shouted and fought as well as he could. He managed to do some harm, but luckily was soon assisted by Beren, because he took heavy damage. Beren helped as well as he could, but couldn’t do anything when the assassins cast darkness and kept attacking, seemingly still seeing well enough. Luckily Tal saved the day by casting Daylight, which quickly got one of the attackers killed after Beren got some nasty crits and damage on him, which took him out. The other assassin, more cunning than his strong friend, quickly killed his partner and tried to escape, while still fighting back furiously. Because of the daylight he was hindered with his shadow steps and darkness spells. He managed to find some openings in the shadow of Beren and Gene that almost let him escape, but through a heroic action of Tal, who leapt through a window, and stopped him from really getting away. He still almost fled by tumbling back out of the window, but Tal was quicker and finished him with an angry Power Word: Kill, which tore him to shreds.

The next morning

The next morning the party goes to the Iron Lord at 10.00, but are first stopped by Cara Irandum: “Guess what happened to me?”. It appears she was also attacked, but because of the party’s warning, and her slaving through the night with the full Iron Defenders Fang, she and also Chinevre Rothschild and quite possibly the Iron Lord (although he was not attacked) lived.

Unfortunately the party will hear a few minutes later from the Iron Lord himself that even though they gave their warning, there are some people missing.

Survived targets:

After the news, Volas Dyervolk asks the party to tell their side of the story. They tell him the recent events and are rewarded for their efforts with 24.000 GP.

After this the Iron Lord shares his concern that the Shadowmasters are not finished with Rashemen yet. He asks the party to find and stop Wolar Moreni and his team. A good first hint seems to be to contact Minas Defrout, who Beren will know how to find.

end of session 1

Rewards: 7.000 XP, 41.000 Gold, Treasure: (total worth: 52,087,5 GP) potion of cure moderate wounds (375), Gloves of Dex +4 (16000), +3 rapier (18000), +1 keen punching dagger (8000), +4 studded leather (16000), gaunglets of ogre power +4 (16000), wyvern poison (3000), deathblade poison (1800), +3 greatsword (16000), +3 chainshirt (9000)

Memorable Deeds:
  • Beren Elestar: After doing 86 nonlethal damage in one round the unconscious assassin is coup-the-graced by his partner.
  • Tal Rasha: As an act of wrath Tal casts Power Word: Kill on the fleeing assassin.
Next Session:
How the story begins...

The story begins when the party is summoned to the Iron Lord, Volas Dyervolk, ruler of Rashemen.

“As you may have heard there has been a terrible tragedy. Our troops, under the leadership of Fanglord Sloan Forman have invaded Thesk on their own accord. They have nullified hundreds of years of peace and burned Two Stars to the ground, making this a most brutal declaration of war.”

“It is of the utmost importance that Fanglord Sloan Forman is stopped and relieved of his post, and that Thesk is notified that we do not want war and will of course repay any damage done by our troops that went rogue. That we will deal harshly with the troops upon their swift return to our shores.”

“For this we need you, as trusted Rashemi heroes, to deliver this message. Try to talk some sense into the Fanglord or have him arrested. Also head to Tammar and try to convince them that we mean no harm, that our troops will head back and the damage will be restored and paid for.”


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