The Puppeteer


How the story begins...

The story begins when the party is summoned to the Iron Lord, Volas Dyervolk, ruler of Rashemen.

“As you may have heard there has been a terrible tragedy. Our troops, under the leadership of Fanglord Sloan Forman have invaded Thesk on their own accord. They have nullified hundreds of years of peace and burned Two Stars to the ground, making this a most brutal declaration of war.”

“It is of the utmost importance that Fanglord Sloan Forman is stopped and relieved of his post, and that Thesk is notified that we do not want war and will of course repay any damage done by our troops that went rogue. That we will deal harshly with the troops upon their swift return to our shores.”

“For this we need you, as trusted Rashemi heroes, to deliver this message. Try to talk some sense into the Fanglord or have him arrested. Also head to Tammar and try to convince them that we mean no harm, that our troops will head back and the damage will be restored and paid for.”



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