The Puppeteer

The end of Wolar Moreni

Session 2

  • Focus: throwing in some more player-related stuff and deepening the plot
  • Spotlight: Shadowmasters

The Iron Lord

The party starts the session Iron Lord’s throne room. e

The Iron Lord tells the party that he thinks the Shadowmasters are not finished with Rashemen. The party agrees and he asks them to try and stop Wolar Moreni. They can start by visiting Minas Defrout, whom Beren Elestar already knows.


In the big trading city of Telflamm the party is easily let in and they continue to Minas. But before they arrive their attention is drawn near the city center by a public crier.

Dirk the Slager

It seems that a peasant by the name of Dirk is forming a militia of angry townsfolk. The crier tells the party that Rashemen has attacked Two Stars and that they have started a war. That the Merchant Council has not taken action, that the Shadowmasters have not taken action, and that therefore it is up to the people to take action against the Rashemi. Eventually Beren Elestar managed to convince the gathered crowd that they should not fight Rashemen, but this is probably just a small victory in the numbers that are gathering.

Solvan Demeno

When the party almost reaches Minas’ hideout they are distracted by the music of an old acquaintance of Ulik Brightvolk, a bard named Solvan Demeno. After greeting Ulik the party is introduced and upon hearing of Beren he is positively surprised and goes on about his heroics, telling the ‘Savior of Telflamm’ that he has written a song about him. He sings it for the party. Afterwards he asks about their business and points them along to the headquarters, which appear to be common knowledge to him.

Minas Defrout

The party enters the headquarters and almost directly there is cheering for Beren. They are led by an Shadowmasters officer to the office of Minas and in the meanwhile Tal informs what it is that Beren did. It seems he accomplished (mostly diplomatic) victory over the Sharkjaw Pirates and was a leading figure in their defeat. He had also performed many heroic actions already years before.

Minas himself greets Beren just as warmly and asks if the Savior is back to help, that he could use some help right about now. Instead the party rushes to their questions for Minas. They find out that Minas has not communicated with Wolar before he has left, which is not (entirely) like him, although Wolar has been known to make his own decisions in times of need. The party confide that he might be dominated and Minas says that would explain things. He also tells the party that he has full faith in Dark, the intelligence officer of the Shadowmasters that he has put on the job of finding Wolar. He commands the officer to guide the party to Dark.


After Gene Parmesan admires the handiwork of the hideout, which he would probably not have found within this time himself, the party is led to the office of Dark. Dark answers some of the party’s questions, but is overall not very helpfull, taking more information from the party then he gives to them. He only says he has people working on it.

The party leaves disappointed, but then Beren spots Sofia Astar, an old friend of his. She is more helpful than Dark and helps the party by telling them that she knows Wolar very well, and that Wolar is a very structured man that is bound to have some sort of emergency plan for attacking Rashemen somewhere in his office. She also confides in the party that she doesn’t fully trust Dark anymore, he seems a bit different since the last time.

To check on this Tal directly goes back to the office. His first intention is to cast Protection from Evil on Dark, but the man is behind a large desk in a dark corner, so he decides to simply cast detect magic instead, which tells him that Dark is not under any spell’s effect at that moment. (which makes his shadowy form all the more disturbing)

Note that in this campaign detect magic is used to determine magic on a specific focus. This means that Tal did not know if there was any other magic hidden in the room, on his person or on the other party members. He only checked if Dark was under a direct spell effect (such as dominate).


Next the party heads to Tammar. The party decides to let Gene Parmesan infiltrate the hideout and find Wolar’s office alone. This is done with help of a skill challange. First Gene listens at the door (failure), then walks in hidden behind the guard (success), he then waits for the guard to go away and opens the lock to the office (success). He moves silently into the office (success) and quickly notices a trap and even it’s secret unlocking mechanism. (success). Needs some tries to open the lock (failure). He searches the office for the plans and finds them (success), but not he alarm spell (failure) that was on them. He quickly gets out and fails to convince the guard that he was ‘reacting to the alarm’ (failure). But because of his performance he gets away anyway.

What the party doesn’t know is that in this act Gene Parmesan left some other valuables, including gold pieces, in the office which he could’ve taken. But the most important treasure is taken back to the party: the attack plan

Iron Lord

From Tammar the party goes back to the Iron Lord to inform him about their findings. He asks the party to inform the Witches of Rashemen and help them if needed. He also informs the party that the missing people from the night attack (which is now named the Night of Silent Death), were found in the city square in a gruesome manner. They were removed swiftly and a public burial will be held the next day at 8:00 in the morning. Of course the party members are expected to attend.


The attack plan shows the victims of Immilmar (which strangely enough include Beren Elestar and not Gene Parmesan, who was the first to be attacked in his house). And then continues to Urling and shows a list of important witches there whom Tal Rasha all knows or has heard of.

The party decides to go to Teresa Sweetrose in the outskirts of town and while Tal asks Beren some personal and challanging questions, she teleports in (and saves Beren), to ask the party what they have come for. They quickly explain and the next moment they get a Will save to resist the teleport of Teresa. None of them roll and they end up in the mansion of Lady Yhelbruna, the Eldest of the Witches of Rashemen and the leader of Urling. She asks pointed questions and seems to know all the answers before asking, or at least deducting answers from a minimum of information. While the party is asked to make the plans, it appears to be mostly her to device it and it is ‘decided’ that all other targets are evacuated, but that the party members will protect Lady Yhelbruna, who is the most likely target of Wolar himself.

The party is also informed (by the Eldest and Teresa, who teleports back and forth to the Shadowmasters to find out how Wolar and his men opperate) that Wolar’s elite usually attacks at 4:00 in the night (just like in Immilmar the night before), take their time to study their targets and will probably attack the witches with anti-magic zones activated to disable their spell casting abilities. Aside from that most have powerful death strike’s (as assassins) and Wolar is an accomplished mage-killer himself.

It is decided that Beren Elestar will sleep in Yhelbruna’s bed. That Gene Parmesan will cover his arse by hiding in the corner. And that Ulik Brightvolk, Tal Rasha and Lady Yhelbruna sit in the next room around a table.


A few minutes past 4:00 Wolar himself attacks Beren is his bed. Since he was invisible and moved very silent, Gene did not notice. Wolar does Beren a lot of damage, confuses him and steals his spells. Next the party also hears 4 assassins join the combat from 4 different directions (3 windows and the front door). In Beren’s turn he wanders away in confusion, earning him a attack of oppertunity which drops him unconscious. Luckily the Eldest hears his scream and casts time stop to both buff herself, dimension door and heal Beren. Unfortunately this does bring her next to Wolar. Tal starts to prepare some kind of spell but then the remaining party members are attacked by the assassins. Tal is paralysed and dropped to 0 hit points in one turn by two assassins that both stab him in the gut with poison. Ulik and Gene are attacked by 2 other assassins that manage to do a lot less since they can not perform sneak attacks on the two. The rest of the combat Ulik and Gene worry about the assassins, while Beren and Yhelbruna try to counter Wolar as best as they can. Wolar is an annoying enemy that stays invisible throughout the combat, confusing any whom he can sneak attack and stealing spells and buffs alike. Yhelbruna soon starts to dispel him, but it is not easy to dispel his dominate (or other spell effects). Eventually the assassins are knocked out and Beren heroically throws the unconscious assassin with his anti-magic zone aura to Wolar, which immediately dispels the domination and makes him surrender willingly.

Wolar Moreni

Because Wolar can not be dispelled inside an anti-magic zone, he is knocked unconsciously (willingly) and then dispelled. Tal is surprised his considerable magical talents do not allow him to dispel the domination of Wolar, but luckily Lady Yhelbruna is eventually able to dispel his domination. He is then healed and asked if he knows anything about the person who dominated him. Unfortunately he knows as little as Sloan Forman and then promises the party and the witches that he will swiftly return to Minas with his men. He apologizes for the attacks, but is forgiven because of his domination.

After Wolar leaves the party receives a considerable monetary reward and some treasure from the Witches.

Rendevous at 11:00

The Eldest has more business for the party members, but she knows about the Funeral and gives the party members permission to attend to it (at 8:00 in Immilmar), but asks the party to attend to the othor meeting at 11:00.

The Funeral

The following people are buried: The following people are present in the ceremony:

The ceremony starts with the Iron Lord telling the public how sorry he is. He openly states that the attack on Two Stars was caused by an unknown mage and that the payback of the Shadowmasters is very unfortunate, but was partly stopped by the heroes. After an addition of Beren it was also stated that the group of assassins responsible for the death has been lifted of their domination and are no longer a threat.

After this Yodu Brightvolk makes a speech about his late father, his heroism and how he will now with a heavy heart take the family’s chief position and step in as the new Fanglord of the second army. He thanks his family for their support and asks if any of them want to speak, which none of them do.

Tal wants to make a speech about the influence of the party, but is stopped by his friends.

Othlor meeting

After the Funeral the party goes back to Urling to arrive on time for the meeting with the othlors:

It appears that Lady Yhelbruna called the party together, so they can help capturing Raine Silverleaf. It is explained (by Blackhide) that it is nigh impossible for Hathran to enter Ethan Forest, because of the magical wardings and evil spirits. The party however, can pose as slaves and if they leave their magical equipment home they should not have any problems, since none of them is a powerful spellcaster. By this time it is clear that the Eldest knows a bit about Tal, but doesn’t see him as a spellcaster, which of course offends Tal.

After the party gets a chance to ask questions, they are eventually sent on their way.

end of session 2

Rewards: 4.500 XP, 15.000 GP, Treasure: (total worth: 18,875 GP) (arcane) scroll of 3. major image (375), 3. phantom steed (375), 4. scrying (700), 4. animate death (1050), emerald x2 (2000), alexandrite (400), (arcane) 3. scroll of illusiory script (225), 3. ray of exhaustion (275), 4. rainbow pattern (700), wand of dispel magic, 12 charges, 5th level caster (11250), wand of fox cunning (44 charges) (4500), potion of protection from arrows 10/magic (300), scroll of 2. ghoul touch (150), 1. cause fear (25), sleep (25), gem of brightness (13000)

Memorable Deeds
  • Gene Parmesan singlehandedly breaks into the office of an important Shadowmasters officer and gets out practically unnoticed, avoiding any damage to himself or the party’s reputation. Although the party doesn’t actually knows it, he left all the treasure!
  • Beren Elestar succeeded in throwing an unconscious assassin (with anti-magic zone activated) to Wolar Moreni, which saved Lady Yhelbruna and ended the combat.
  • After recovering from 2 would-be fatal blows to the gut, Tal Rasha was all set with see invisibility and true strike to dispel the domination of Wolar Moreni by (once again) jumping through a window to save the day. Unfortunately Beren beat him to it.
  • Ulik Brightvolk tripped over his own food at seeing Rafna Forman, but eventually had a serious conversation with her. Way to go love!
Next Session:
  • Infiltrating the Durthan forest as a group of slaves.
  • Finding out the motives behind the Durthan and their plans.



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