The Puppeteer

The mystery of Sloan Forman

session 1

  • Focus: introduce the players to the setting and getting to know each other
  • Spotlight: Iron Lord & Rashemen’s army


The party met for the first time before entering the throne room of the Iron Keep. Beren Elestar and Ulik Brightvolk where first, together with Ulik’s father, Menyo Brightvolk. As Ulik’s father was ensuring his son was going to be allright, also Tal Rasha came, just a tad late.

They are called inside into the throne room and only when the Iron Lord, Volas Dyervolk introduces the members to each other, they notice that another person has joined them: Gene Parmesan


  • Beren Elestar is introduced as a ‘well-known Rashemi hero, with countless heroic deeds’ although he himself clearly thinks its all exaggerated. He is a paladin who takes his faith in Tyr very seriously. He wears full plate, wields a bastard sword and has very long hair (longest in the party), which suggests high standing. It is also briefly mentioned he is originally from Aglarond. The party will later hear he is married to a Hathran named Rosa Defrout who is a distant cousin to Minas Defrout (the Shadowmasters boss). He is 37 years old.
  • Ulik Brightvolk is introduced as ‘the son of an honored Fanglord, Menyo Brightvolk , part of the noble Brightvolk family]] and a hero-to-be to the country’. He looks very strong and has a big sword on his back, wearing chainmail for protection under his new and shining noble outfit. His hair, only slightly longer than Beren Elestar, is second-longest in the party. He is a typical Rashemi with a short, musculair, build and blonde hair. He is 27 years old.
  • Tal Rasha is introduced as ‘a powerful rogue mage’. He is dressed in red wizard robes and has a staff with him. He is the youngest party member and it is soon clear that he has a dislike to the Hathran whom he all wants to defeat in a duel. He also has long hair, similar to Ulik Brightvolk and will later deny to be Vremyonni, even though he can cast arcane spells. He also says to be living in Rashemen.
  • Gene Parmesan is inroduced as ‘a nice guy’ and it is clear the Iron Lord does not really know what to tell about him. Later he will confess to the party that he is a personal spymaster for the Iron Lord, which is also apparent considering his skills and way of working. He also lives in Immilmar, in a pretty ordinary part of town. He is dressed as a very normal person, with nothing of interest. He hides his weapons and armor skillfully, although the party has seen him wield a wounding sword, which appears to be just one of his weapons. Out of all the party members he is the only one with a normal length of hair, which suggests he is the only one without a noble background. Although it could just be one of his disguises.

The Iron Lord

After the introduction the Iron Lord told the party of the recent trouble: that Two Stars was burned to the ground by Rashemi troops, led by Fanglord Sloan Forman. He asked the party specifically to make sure the army returned home and that they went to Tammar to tell the major there that Rashemen does not want war and will repay the damage. He also asks the party to ask to find out how this happened, so a future event can be prevented. For this he suggests they visit Mulsantir, for example the harbor master or Sloan’s wife.

Chinevre and Cara

On the way out the party notice that also Chinevre Rothschild and Cara Irandum were inside the room listening to the conversation. They lead the party outside and Cara only has a brief chat with Beren Elestar about looking after his children while he is gone. Chinevre addresses the party after Cara is gone and shares her concern that the leading Othlor of the Mulsantir region, Sheva Whitefeather should have prevented the Fanglord from leaving. She suggests to talk with her to find out what happened.


After that the party continues to outside but is stopped by a young man in black robes and with a black staff. The guy is looking around as if it is his first visit to the Iron Keep and takes it all in with wonder and excitement. Upon seeing the party he directly heads over and starts asking them questions about what they are doing, and after a disappointing answer from Beren, he starts to ask every party member separately about the heroic deeds from their past, clearly out to hearing a good story. It is clear that Tal Rasha knows him and identifies him as Castor Black. He also asks Castor if he is able to cast teleport, so he can help speed up their journey. Castor agrees to teleport them to Mulsantir in return for a good story.


Family Forman

In Mulsantir the party first heads to the house of Sloan Forman and his family. They are greeted by a servant, who clearly recognizes Ulik Brightvolk and has heard of Beren Elestar. They are lead in and soon are welcomed by Teresa Forman and her two daughters Rafna Forman and Hetta Forman. Observing party members notice that Ulik Brightvolk is pretty uncomfortable, rearranging his hair, straightening his outfit and trying not to look like a ripe tomato.

The finds out that Sloan was irritated and had sleepless nights. He didn’t tell his family anything, but through gestures, such as a loving farewell, they were alarmed as to what he was planning.

The Encampment

Next the party head to the now deserted part of town where the soldiers where stationed. Some recruits and old veterans remain and the party talked with a 16-year old, who directed them to ‘old Gerrit’, a one-legged veteran. Gerrit told the party that he snooped on Sloan and was suspicious all along. That he thought the ongoings strange but hadn’t reacted fast enough with a message to the authorities. Next the party went inside the officers building (illegal, Gene Parmesan unlocking the door), but even though Gene Parmesan had some pretty good suggestions, they found no evidence that the general was somehow in contact with anyone that gave him the orders.


Then the party went to the harbor where they found out that a supply of food for 2 weeks was taken with the departing army and that everything happened under orders of Raine Silverleaf, who nobody dared to dispute.

Sheva Whitefeather

In the temple of Sheva Whitefeather the party was received by Annie Mc’Doan who was soon emotional over the questions of the party. She told the party that it was her fault for not paying enough attention to the army at wartime. Nobody conforted her and later she answerd some questions about Raine Silverleaf, who she was also suspicious off and never liked in the first place.

Two Stars

The party continued on to Two Stars where they found out that the entire army had passed, burned the place to the ground (with the help of magic) and left, following the Golden Way. Fortunately there were not too many corpses and the party soon found tracks of survivors leading away from the village.

The 3rd army

Following the Golden Way the party soon found the army, that was already making camp for the evening. They dismounted Beren’s griffon and went closer by foot. They were soon stopped by Raine Silverleaf who demanded they go away, even before they told her what they came for. She kept insisting and although she answered some questions about where she got her orders from, she was clearly angry that the party could not follow the orders of a Hathran. She also did not want them talking to Sloan Forman. The party conferred together and then saw Sloan Forman coming out of the encampment towards the party. He was almost sent back by Raine, but Tal Rasha saved the day by mentioning his daughters. He then ignored the witch and started talking to the party about his family. He clearly hinted at something, but due to the failed skill-challange the party was unable to find out what he meant.

Teresa Sweetrose

Still unsure how to handle the situation, the party decided to call in a high ranking Hathran or Othlor to help convince Raine that she was doing the wrong thing. They traveled by griffon to Urling where they went to the house of Teresa Sweetrose on the directions of Tal Rasha. They had to wait for the witch, who was not home, but soon teleported back in. They were warmly received and Teresa was very helpful, assisting the party with information and eventually offering to go there in person. Tal Rasha teleported the party back to the encampment.

Back at the army

Because the party teleported in, they were not first confronted by Raine, but instead where stopped by guards, who easily stepped aside at seeing the othlor. They went to find Raine, and when they finally saw her (and she them), she teleported away.

They then went to Sloan, who was still not saying anything useful, even though Raine was gone. It didn’t take Teresa long to get a hunch and after casting ‘detect magic’ to check him, she concluded that he was under domination, and dispelled the wretched spell, which took her three tries.


The party still wanted to warn the major of Tammar and even though it was already well into the night, they traveled to the city anyway. After a brief conversation with the guards they were let in and found an inn, the Merry Colone to stay at.

Girovanni Torelli

The next morning the party went to the major, Girovanni Torelli, around 10, after he had eaten his breakfast. He received the party warmly and listened carefully to their story. After they had finished he said he believed them and would do a good word for them at the Merchant Council. He also said that the true power in the city was not in his hands, and that they should find Wolar Moreni in his headquarters.

Shadowmaster headquarters

They went to the headquarters, but did not meet Wolar as expected. Instead they were received by Gary Pilonari. The man was clearly swamped in work and it seemed like many people didn’t know what to do and asked him questions that he also didn’t know the answer to. He did manage to get some work done and was clearly not stupid. But couldn’t help the party, since he didn’t know where Wolar and his whole elite were. He only said they left the afternoon before, after they heard the fate of Two Stars

The party came to the conclusion that the Shadowmasters elite and Wolar probably went through the Plane of Shadow to attack Rashemen or the army of Sloan Forman.

Back to Immilmar

The party went back to Immilmar to see the Iron Lord, but unforunately he was in a meeting with some important witches. Cara Irandum stopped the party and listened to their story about the missing Shadowmasters. She took Beren very seriously and promised to mobilize the Iron Defenders to defend the city, in case they were attacked by the Shadowmasters elite.

She also told the party to come back the next morning at 10:00 to meet with Volas Dyervolk

Gene Parmesan’ house

The party went on different errands. Tal Rasha went buying scrolls in the Vremyonni shop, Beren went to find information about previous warfare of Thesk, Ulik Brightvolk went home to his estate and Gene Parmesan waited for the witches to finish with the Iron Lord, but gave up when darkness fell to collect the party members and invite them to sleep in his house.


Gene Parmesan was attacked in the night, but luckily woke up before the assassin could complete his death strike. He immediately took his sword from under his pillow, rolled up and fought back. He was outnumbered, but shouted and fought as well as he could. He managed to do some harm, but luckily was soon assisted by Beren, because he took heavy damage. Beren helped as well as he could, but couldn’t do anything when the assassins cast darkness and kept attacking, seemingly still seeing well enough. Luckily Tal saved the day by casting Daylight, which quickly got one of the attackers killed after Beren got some nasty crits and damage on him, which took him out. The other assassin, more cunning than his strong friend, quickly killed his partner and tried to escape, while still fighting back furiously. Because of the daylight he was hindered with his shadow steps and darkness spells. He managed to find some openings in the shadow of Beren and Gene that almost let him escape, but through a heroic action of Tal, who leapt through a window, and stopped him from really getting away. He still almost fled by tumbling back out of the window, but Tal was quicker and finished him with an angry Power Word: Kill, which tore him to shreds.

The next morning

The next morning the party goes to the Iron Lord at 10.00, but are first stopped by Cara Irandum: “Guess what happened to me?”. It appears she was also attacked, but because of the party’s warning, and her slaving through the night with the full Iron Defenders Fang, she and also Chinevre Rothschild and quite possibly the Iron Lord (although he was not attacked) lived.

Unfortunately the party will hear a few minutes later from the Iron Lord himself that even though they gave their warning, there are some people missing.

Survived targets:

After the news, Volas Dyervolk asks the party to tell their side of the story. They tell him the recent events and are rewarded for their efforts with 24.000 GP.

After this the Iron Lord shares his concern that the Shadowmasters are not finished with Rashemen yet. He asks the party to find and stop Wolar Moreni and his team. A good first hint seems to be to contact Minas Defrout, who Beren will know how to find.

end of session 1

Rewards: 7.000 XP, 41.000 Gold, Treasure: (total worth: 52,087,5 GP) potion of cure moderate wounds (375), Gloves of Dex +4 (16000), +3 rapier (18000), +1 keen punching dagger (8000), +4 studded leather (16000), gaunglets of ogre power +4 (16000), wyvern poison (3000), deathblade poison (1800), +3 greatsword (16000), +3 chainshirt (9000)

Memorable Deeds:
  • Beren Elestar: After doing 86 nonlethal damage in one round the unconscious assassin is coup-the-graced by his partner.
  • Tal Rasha: As an act of wrath Tal casts Power Word: Kill on the fleeing assassin.
Next Session:



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