Aznar Thrul

Zulkir of Evocation (dead)

  • Class: Evoker 10 / Red Wizard 10 / Archmage 2
  • Race: Human (Thay)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Age: ??

Aznar is easily recognizable as a Red Wizard through his robes, has a wild black beard and long black hair. He makes a crazed impression and there are those who believe he is stark mad.


Aznar commands an army of Red Wizards and is known as a cruel master. Anyone with potential is asked to meet Aznar in his tower, where they first have to go through a trap with a double fireball, which is by now apparant by the deep scorch marks along the floor, walls and ceiling.

Although Aznar Thrul is considered to be mad by some, he is the leader of many and commands his forces with an iron fist, not accepting even the slightest mistake. His people fear him greatly, but fear his wrath for abandoning him even more.

In the grand attack on Urlingwood Aznar was killed by the combined effort of Lady Yhelbruna, Blackhide and Volas Dyervolk.

Aznar Thrul

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