Druid of Leth

  • Class: Druid 3 / Sorcerer 2 / Mysterious Mystic Theurge 4
  • Race: Forest Angel??(Great Dale)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Age: 19

Bibbie looks totally angelic on one side, but is also distinctly different from the angel the party met before. Her wings are not white, but a translucent green. Her skin is not goldish, but rather pretty normal white/tanned. Her eyes are not topaz, but rather a normal green (although it matches her hair and wings perfectly.

Furthermore Bibbie is covered with runic symbols, kind of like tatoo’s, and is wearing little clothing, which only hides her most private parts, but a lot of jewelry at a lot of different places (upper arms, wrists, torso, hair, ears, neck, feet). She has very long green hair.



As a genius druid and sorcerer Bibbie managed to transform herself into an angelic creature with a forest affinity. She definitely got more beautiful and charismatic, but of course the green translucent wings are a bit strange. She is devoted to the studies of the Weave and uses magic with little effort, even with multiple meta-magic effects added. (silent, still, personalized)


Bibbie is pretty childlike, direct and playful. She is beautiful and toys with it. She is also a genius, sometimes too intelligent for her own good. This can make her overconfident and unafraid. She has been known to act rash, but is usually a great chat that goes on and on about things she isn’t supposed to know and certainly shouldn’t share.

The Party

The party met Bibbie with Melly while trying to get into the Great Dale. She was a bit shy when the party first met her, but later really got going when there were magical effects that were not detectable as magic (Raw Magic)


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