Shadowmasters intelligence officer

  • Class: Telflammar Shadowlord??
  • Race: Human (Thesk)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Age: 39

Few have ever seen Dark’s face. He usually wears a black outfit and a satin black mask to hide his identity.


Dark is cloaked in mystery. His name and face remain unknown. He reports to Minas Defrout and handles all the intelligence of the guild. This also means checking on it’s own members, for which he and his Black Ops are feared the most.


He is usually short and direct, but underneath he plays with information he doesn’t want to share. He is good at playing this game with others and can extract worthy information out of a few words. He knows a lot.

The Party

The party met Dark in his headquarters in the Telflamm harbor. He didn’t share much with the party and was in fact the only one who got new information. It was shared by Sofia Astar that he was not his usual self, but Tal Rasha could not detect any domination effect on his person.


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