Eram Ekasoki

Shou Red Wizard

  • Class: Monk 2 / Wizard 3 / Enlightened Fist 6 / Red Wizard 2
  • Race: Human (Rashemi)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Age*: 25

Eram has a bronze skin, typical to the Shou. He has blonde hair and out of habit still wears his red robes, although he is no longer a member of the evil wizards anymore. Deep lines mark his face, making him appear older than he actually is. They are caused by his hard life amongst the Red Wizards.



Eram Ekasoki grew up in Shou Town, Mulptan together with Content Not Found: li-an-kim and Gilgul Neshamot. As is common with the Shou he entered in a tournament at his 10th age and became 3rd, which led to special training by Content Not Found: karm-aki to monk. He was very intelligent and after a year of training decided to devote himself to an ancient Shou profession instead as an Enlightened Fist, the arcane mixed with the monk. For this he first needed to study as a wizard and next he traveled to Kara-Tur to study as an Englightened Fist.

When he came back to Rashemen he was send on a reconnaissance mission for the Iron Lord, but never returned. Since then he has only been seen once by his former friend Gilgul Neshamot in Thay. There Eram saved his friend from slaverly, but he himself could not go with Gilgul for reasons unknown.

The Party

The party met Eram on the day of the Moon Festival. He was under orders of Lauzoril to protect the Raw Magic Circle together with Lauzoril’s Iron Golem. Eram was easily beaten and his Iron Golem destroyed. After this the party found out (through his hints) that he was under influence of mind-effecting magic. Protection from evil helped and he explained about his master Lauzoril and his plans with the Raw Magic Circle. After this Tal Rasha teleported him to the Iron Keep where he was left, because the Iron Keep prevents the mind-effecting magic to function.

Later Eram rescued the party together with Susy Lavorne from the hands of the Durthan and helped in the final session to bring down Lauzoril and Yuriath in the polymorphed form of a Red Dragon. He changed his tactics to polymorph and using his natural weapons this way, combined with energy drain and vampiric touch.

Eram Ekasoki

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