Ferneer Waters

Assassin of the Ashen Waters

  • Class: Hexblade 16
  • Race: Human (Thay)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Age: 55

Ferneer Water’s soul is stored in the Greatclub of Ashen Waters, a minor artefact created by Lauzoril.


Ferneer Waters was once a known terror in Thay. He was a trusted assassin in service of Lauzoril. Now he has willingly sacrificed his soul to gain immortality as an intelligent item: the Greatclub of Ashen Waters. Through this dagger he can easily control anyone who picks it up, since Lauzoril made it especially strong for the weapon to control the owner.

Ferneer is a loyal assassin and is used to operating with care and patience. He is pretty intelligent and has a sarcastic knack for making his target’s suffer without screaming. He also uses a special solid fog to hamper the target’s movement and vision, to finish them quickly with power attack and his strong acid greatclub.

He was encountered by the party possessing Dark and was extracted from Dark after a difficult combat. The party had the Greatclub that stores his soul with them when they were teleported to the Durthan prison, where the weapon was taken from them.

It was missing from their equipment when they regained it some time later, leaving the impression that Ferneer Waters vanished as one of the Durthan.

Ferneer Waters

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