Gene Parmesan

A nice guy


is inroduced as ‘a nice guy’ and it is clear the Iron Lord does not really know what to tell about him. Later he will confess to the party that he is a personal spymaster for the Iron Lord, which is also apparent considering his skills and way of working. He also lives in Immilmar, in a pretty ordinary part of town. He is dressed as a very normal person, with nothing of interest. He hides his weapons and armor skillfully, although the party has seen him wield a wounding sword, which appears to be just one of his weapons. Out of all the party members he is the only one with a normal length of hair, which suggests he is the only one without a noble background. Although it could just be one of his disguises.

Session 1

The party visited Gene’s house. It was an ordinary house bordering to two commoners. He had a living room, 2 sleeping rooms (one much bigger for himself) a kitchen and some furniture. Everything about it suggested a normal person with nothing to hide and nothing to tell. The party met his neighbor, who was at first angry at being disturbed in the middle of the night, but was later helpful when Beren Elestar, a known hero, personally resorted his bookcase. (And Tal Rasha mended his window).


Gene Parmesan

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