Girovanni Torelli

Major of Tammar

  • Class: Aristocrat 6
  • Race: Human (Thesk)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Age: 42


Girovanni Torelli is the 42 year old son of a wealthy merchant that made a fortune dealing in Kara-Tur goods. His father settled in Tammar because of the competition in Telflamm and has made a profitable company there. Girovanni inherited the fortune his father was able to rescue from the Tuigan Horde after his father died trying to get just that bit of extra gold out of the lost town. He used the money to help rebuild Tammar and to become the major. Among other things he hired 100 Orc soldiers to help rid the town of bandits. He is now doing a pretty good job as major for the last 13 years and the people are proud of him.

The Party

The party met Girovanni in session 1 to convince him that Rashemen did not want war. He listened carefully and actually seemed happy to have a reasonable explanation. He gave the party a big reward that they accepted, although it was frowned upon (they were the victims, right?). He promised he would talk to the Merchant Council.

Girovanni Torelli

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