Grevor d'Ortaion

Archeologist of Thesk

  • Class: Expert 5
  • Race: Human (Thesk)
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Age: 29

A big man with glasses and average hair sticking in all directions. He is dressed neatly, but his clothes are worn and dirty.



Grevor is friendly and obviously thinks a lot of himself. He liked company and to explain things, but mostly kept to his own and the woman druids the party let travel with them.

The Party

The party met Grevor at ‘his tomb’ in the Great Dale. He told the party that he alone found the tomb, led by an ancient map, that was not very precise and had him digging at different places for months. But, luckily for the party, Grevor overcame this small obstacle and naturally found the tomb, uncovered it and was just about to breech it’s defenses (which he hadn’t been able to pass for the last month).

Grevor d'Ortaion

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