Elite scout of Lauzoril

  • Class: Scout 9 / Ghost Faced Killer 7
  • Race: Drow (Thay / Underdark)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Age: ??

Kimanari is now the Bow of Dark Regret and as such has not really his own appearance. However by the way he walks, like a typical drow and stalker, and through the black bow someone possessed by him needs to have, he can be recognized.


Not much is commonly known about this elite scout of Lauzoril. He was an expert in remaining unseen and was therefore never publicly known.

The Party

The party met the soul of Kimanari when they fought against him in a duel with Kongari of the Grey Reindeer Tribe. He was very strong with his bow and agile on the battlefield. Eventually he was overtaken and the bow that holds his soul was left in the care of the Witches of Rashemen


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