Lianne Kilarune

Chief negotiator and ranking witch of Mulptan

  • Class: Barbarian 2 / Evoker 4 / Spellsword 9 / Durthan 5
  • Race: Human (Rashemi)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Age: unknown

Lianne usually wears white clothes and an assassin’s mask which is plain white (unlike most Hathran masks). She wields a katana, chain armor and steel shield.


Lianne Kilarune is perhaps the strongest evil Durthan. She has worked her way up as othlor of Mulptan and has established an iron grip over the warring factions and organizations within the city. This is commonly seen as a good thing, but now knowing she is Durthan it can be very dangerous indeed.

The Party

The party has fought Lianne Kilarune and has not been able to inflict much damage before they were defeated by her prismatic spray and other spells. She had access to very powerful magic and was very strong with her sword, channeling spells through her attacks as well. She has disappeared after the Durthan and Hathran made peace.

Lianne Kilarune

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