Nythra of the Seven Rivers

Spokeswoman of Urling

  • Class: Wizard 4 / Cleric 4 / Hathran 4
  • Race: Human (Rashemi)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Age: 29

Nythra is a beautiful and young Hathran that can always be found near Lady Yhelbruna. She is clothed simply and the length of her hair indicated that she is of low rank amongst the Hathran.


Nythra of the Seven Rivers is a Hathran who has devoted her life to the service of Lady Yhelbruna. She is her spokeswoman and as such has learned a lot over the years. She is still young, but has started early and is by now fully up to the task. As a young woman she still has a curiosity to the world and likes to meet new people, unlike most Hathran in Urling. Therefore she is often the first person people encounter if they enter Urling.


Nythra is friendly and curious, living a confided life with an elderly (but inspiring) woman. She is devoted to Yhelbruna and her service as a Hathran but does not like to take part in the daily buisness of most Hathran. She is a bit peculiar for a Hathran, not having the authority that most of them do and much friendlier to non-Hathran.

The Party

The party met Nythra when entering Urling. She was friendly and curious about their aims and quickly escorted them to Yhelbruna when she understood the situation was dire.

Nythra of the Seven Rivers

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