Raine Silverleaf

  • Class: Wizard 9 / Druid 3 / Hathran 2
  • Race: Human (Rashemi)
  • Alignment: ?
  • Age: 29

Encountered in black clothes with an unsual swordlike staff. She wore a black velvet mask to cover her face.


Raine Silverleaf is an hathran that worked under Sheva Whitefeather in Mulsantir.

The Party

She was somehow involved with leading the troops of Fanglord Sloan Forman into Thesk, destroying Two Stars on it’s way. She was very authoritative and clearly didn’t want the party members to interfere with her business, claiming they had to follow her orders and leave. She told the party that she was under orders of the Witches and also told them she had orders of the Iron Lord that where given to her by Julia McDoor and that she had (conveniently) destroyed after she received and read them.

The party brought Teresa Sweetrose to halt her, but Raine teleported away at the first glimpse of the othlor. She was later scried by Tal Rasha, which only saw her in a dark forest (at midnight), with no other hints as to her whereabouts.

After she left the party found out that Fanglord Sloan Forman was dominated and that Raine was probably behind it somehow…

Raine Silverleaf

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