Rogar Hevfire

Vampire and right hand of Szass Tam

  • Class: Necromancer 3 / Cleric 3 / Mystic Theurge 2 / Yathrinshee 9 (17)
  • Race: Half-drow Vampire (Thay)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Age: ??

Rogar Hevfire is dressed in black and has a pale skin. It is apparent that he is a vampire by his pale grey skin. It is less easy to notice that he also has some dark elven heritage, which can be seen by his slightly pointed ears and the more greyish tone of his skin (which has paled to almost grey-white by his vampirism).


Rogar Hevfire is a chaotic evil vampire underling of Szass Tam. He is also a powerful necromancer and has been known to singlehandedly kill a group of elves and druids from Yuirwood, including Beren Elestar’s parents. Also Gene Parmesan knows him from earlier infiltration missions, that have all failed due to the vampire’s senses and Gene’s inability to mimic his undead minions that are all controlled by the vampire through a telepathic link.

Rogar is a powerful spellcaster and as a yathrinshee he can control a massive amount of undead and any creature slain by him ends up as a zombie under his control. He also has numerous vampire spawn and other more powerful undead under his control.


Rogar is a charismatic and cunning. He is also very loyal to his lord, Szass Tam. He likes to talk more than to actually fight, which he avoids, leaving his minions, vampire spawn, summoned undead, traps or other nasty surprises to the job. When really pushed into a corner he can become very vicious and kill in a heartbeat, using very lethal spells.

The Party

The party was lead by Rogar through a number of traps in the general direction of Szass Tam, although not in the direct way they asked for. He did not attack the party until he was attacked and even then just played with them, only incapacitating them. Unfortunately for him the party was stronger than he expect and they managed to interrupt his spells a bit too often. In the end he threatened to kill Gene, against his master’s orders, but even though Gene ignored the threat and still attacked, he failed to kill Gene because of a failed concentration check. Eventually he did manage to get away with a teleport spell.

Rogar Hevfire

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