Sofia Astar

Shadowmasters intelligence department

  • Class: Bard 4/Rogue 5
  • Race: Human (Thesk)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Age: 24

Sofia is beautiful, but has gained a serious expression over the years. She is usually partly masked and scarcely armored. She uses a most unusual weapon, something like a big shuriken that she uses in both melee and ranged, although she is not seen fighting often.


Sofia is an underling of Dark. She has risen fast in the ranks and only joined a year after Minas Defrout came to power. She is a firm believer in Minas and the new way of organizing things. She dislikes killing and even stealing and with her position wants to make sure that other Shadowmasters are checked. In her case this includes Dark whom she does not fully trust. She has a lot of knowledge about the guild and it’s workings and therefore also it’s dark sides.


Sofia wears a serious expression and is often deep in thought. She can get really exited though when on to something and gets really energetic when trying to solve a case or chase down a bad guy.

The Party

The party met Sofia in Telflamm after speaking to Dark. She was more helpful than her boss and tells the party a bit about Wolar Moreni who she knows personally as a close friend (maybe lover?). She tells that he is intelligent and structured. He has been known to take rash action, but usually with telling Minas. She points the party to Tammar where they could find an attack plan of Wolar, that he kept in case of war.

Sofia Astar

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