Susy Lavorne

master pickpocket girl (dead)

  • Class: Rogue 5 / Mountebank 8 (13)
  • Race: Human (Rashemi)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Age: 22

Susy is a beautiful and rare creature in her own way. She is born ambidextrous and is impressively snake-like, acrobatic, agile and deft. She is also a pretty small woman with red hair, but usually hides her identity behind disguises, caps or other nondescript clothing. In a crowd she is hard to spot, although standing in front of her you’d notice her exotic features.


Susy Lavorne is the orphan of 2 traders who grew up in the streets and needed to survive using sleight of hand and other rogue-like skills. She is smart and beautiful, but as untouchable as a black raven.


Susy is a cautious woman with a son to protect. She has grown up on the streets and knows how to protect herself, get by using dubious skills and cheat her way into whatever environment is required. She is deceitful and skillful at hiding her identity, thoughts and feelings. On the surface she usually appears energetic, funny and optimistic. That is also part of her, but a hidden part of her is the need to survive this cruel world.


Susy was born 23 years ago in Mulptan, the great trading gateway of Rashemen. She lost her parents early in a local guild war and ended up on the streets, where she survived through her nimble fingers and agile body, smart wits and girlish appearance. She hasn’t had an easy life and had to fence off many bad men who wanted to take advantage of her as a young girl. In the end this caused the birth of a son when she was only fifteen.

To feed her son Susy sought a job in one of the major guilds of the city and made a living as a pickpocket and burglar. She was soon noticed for her admirable talents and worked her way up the ranks. Eventually she got to where she wanted to be, next to the people responsible for her parent’s death: she killed them and fled to Immilmar with her son to start a new life for herself.

She is still living in Immilmar, where she tries to go about her day as if she were a nobody. In the meanwhile she still uses her skills in sleight of hand to not have to beg for food.

The Party

The party met Susy after they left the Iron Keep in session 4. She bumped into Gene Parmesan, who apparently saw her before, and stole something of his before taking off.

In the last session Susy rescued the party together with Eram Ekasoki. This way they found out that the history commonly known about Susy is just one of her alter ego’s. In reality she is a working spy for the Iron Lord, in a very similar position as Gene Parmesan

Unfortunately Susy was killed by a prismatic spray in an attempt to defeat Lianne Kilarune.

Susy Lavorne

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