Szass Tam

Zulkir of Necromancy and leader of Thay

  • Class: Necromancer 10 / Red Wizard 17 / Archmage 2
  • Race: Human Lich (Thay)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Age: 269 (or 55, at which age he became a lich)

Szass Tam is a powerful lich and member of a group of eight Zulkirs who rule the country of Thay. He is the Zulkir of Necromancy and commands huge legions of undead troops, which follow his vampire and lich generals. Szass Tam is the ruler of Thaymount.


Szass Tam is tall, his face has fine-boned, intellectual features with dark eyes and a wispy black beard. He wears a vermilion robe with voluminous sleeves trimmed with gems and gold. He is gaunt and pale, but only his withered hands and the hint of dry rot occasionaly wafting from his person truly attest his lichdom. He often has an ebony staff with him.


Szass Tam was born in 1104 DR as a human male. He has studied the arcane arts his whole life and became a Red Wizard somewhere in his thirties. At 55 years old (1159 DR) he became a lich.

In 1190 DR Szass Tam, already then zulkir of Necromany, took control of the zulkir council and assassinated any zulkir that stood in his way. In his years he has stabilized his power over Thay and even become a popular leader. He has conducted a few major invasions: the Battle of the Singing Sands Elthond Olósynne, former King of Aglarond was killed, the only succesfull invasion of Thesk so far, where they captured 2 Theskian cities and the latest failed major invasion into Rashemen in 1357 DR, after which he has not invaded Rashemen again, saying that Rashemen is not worth the trouble the Witches of Rashemen are giving Thay. Instead he has turned his attention to Aglarond and Thesk.

Szass Tam

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