Teresa Sweetrose

Othlor friend of Tal Rasha

  • Class: Sorcerer 12 / Hathran 8
  • Race: Human (Rashemi)
  • Alignment: Lawful Netural
  • Age: unknown

Teresa is an unusually beautiful and charismatic woman with long red hair, which is very uncommon in Rashemen. She often wears open clothing and tucks a rose somewhere in her outfit. She sometimes wears a mask, but is also often seen without one when visiting on a more personal matter.


Teresa Sweetrose is the youngest othlor of the Witches of Rashemen. She is an energetic and busy woman, but usually takes time for human contact. She knows many people and is fond of teleporting around to speed up her day and visit different people, working on many things at once. She is intelligent and always listens very open-minded. She is helpful and understanding.

The Party

The party met Teresa in Urling in her home (after waiting for her to teleport back home), and were surprised at her openness and willingness to help. She shared her concern for the strange situation with Raine Silverleaf and directly helped the party. She is clearly a good friend of Tal Rasha who went specifically to her for help, trusting her fully.

Teresa Sweetrose

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