Volas Dyervolk

The Iron Lord of Rashemen

  • Class: unknown
  • Race: Human (Rashemi)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Age: 42

Volas Dyervolk is a typical Rashemi in appearance. He is more strongly built and musculair than most men and has long hair. He often wears lose garbs and no armor. He does have a bastard sword at his side in a plain scabbard, only the hilt betrays it’s splendour, although few have ever seen it drawn.


Volas Dyervolk is the current Iron Lord from Rashemen. He became Iron Lord after his predecessor, Thydrim Yvarrg was killed in 1371 DR in a Red Wizard plot.


Volas Dyervolk was born in 1331 DR and grew up in a monastery on the outer skirts of Rashemen, near the Endless Wastes. He traveled a lot across Rashemen and his dajemma outside Rashemen took five years instead of the usual one. When he came back at 25 he was recruited by a Hathran named Lianne Silverhorn. When Volas was 37, Lianne died for unknown reasons. Volas left and joined the Iron Defenders shorly after. He was given specialist duties amongst the Witches of Rashemen and this is probably the reason why 3 years, when Thydrim Yvarrg died, he was chosen by the Hathran as the new Iron Lord in 1371 DR.


Volas is a somewhat silent, cautious and thoughtful man. He often takes the time to think decisions through before making them. He is careful and patient.

Amongst the people Volas is known as a fair and honest ruler. He succesfully defended Rashemen against the 1372 Nar invasion and helped restore the Golden Way to its former glory.


Volas has one daughter, Ciella Dyervolk, whom he concieved with Liane Silverhorn. She was born in 1367 DR and is now 16. She has joined the Hathran as an untrained one last year. Relation between father and daughter have not been very well since Volas became more busy with ruling the country.

The Party

The party meets Volas in Immilmar at the start of the campaign. He asks the members to help him find out what happened to the Fanglord Sloan Forman.

Volas Dyervolk

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