Wolar Moreni

Leader of the Shadowmasters in Tammar

  • Class: ??
  • Race: Human (Rashemi)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Age: 27

Wolar Moreni is a Councilmaster for the Shadowmasters and the ruler-behind-the-scenes of Tammar. In fact, he is the actions officer of the Shadowmasters and as such wields quite a bit of power. He is a trusted friend of Minas Defrout from before they ruled the guild. He is a cunning leader and holds the well-earned title of Telflammar Shadowlord. His ‘army’ consists mainly of rogues, assassins and shadowlords, but a few wizards are known to have joined the ranks. Wolar is also the person that succesfully executed the plan that got rid of the Sharkjaw Pirates.


He doesn’t like the planning, which he usually leaves to Minas or other ‘thinkers’ (as he calls them). He likes the action, and is good at working under stress. Even so he is far from stupid and has organised his team, as he likes to call it, in a way that they can swiftly take any action necessary. He is a very organised person and doesn’t like to work with stupid people.

The Party

In Session 1 the party tried to contact Wolar, but he was gone. The party thinks he and his team of elite Shadowmasters are the ones behind the attack on Immilmar

Wolar Moreni

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