Eldest of the Witches

  • Class: Cleric 6 / Wizard 12 / Hathran 10
  • Race: Human (Rashemi)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Age: ??

Lady Yhelbruna is a kind elderly woman with long white hair and a kind smile. Even though she might look like a grandmother, her long hair and way of acting show that she is very used to wielding enormous power and that she is probably also from a noble background. She has no need to wear a mask and is recognized easily by anyone who sees her.


Lady Yhelbruna is the Eldest of the Witches of Rashemen and leads the othlor circle. She is respected throughout the country, but especially amongst the witches themselves. She lives in Urling and can be visited by anyone, but is usually left alone. She is almost always accompanied by Nythra of the Seven Rivers, a Hathran that lives in her estate and is her spokeswoman. Visitors usually speak only to Nythra, except of course visiting othlor or other important matters.


Lady Yhelbruna is stately and composed, but can also be kind and warm. She is usually open and provokes others to think, but can be a real leader when needed. She acts like a queen, but at the same time a grandmother. Talking both on a warm and personal level, with a authoritative aura that leaves no room for secrets. People have been known to shiver at her ability to look right through a person and discover hidden intentions.

The Party

The party met and helped Lady Yhelbruna with the attack on Urling by Wolar Moreni and his elite Shadowmasters. They experienced first-hand the manner in which Lady Yhelbruna easily deducts information out of barely nothing and fills in blanks before they are told.


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