The Black Queen of Narfell

  • Class: Cleric 20
  • Race: Human (Narfell)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Age: 2000+

Yuriath has no physical form anymore and is not easily recognized (except for the old brown staff). There are old pictures in archeological findings of her.


Yuriath is both the name of the brown weathered old staff and the soul of the fearsome woman inhabiting the staff. She has been the intelligent staff of Lauzoril for the last decades, after Lauzoril freed her from the ruins of ancient Narfell.


Yuriath orginially lived in ancient Narfell over two thousand years ago and was willingly crafted through Raw Magic into a staff that would make her immortal and allowed her to take possession of others. After the fall of ancient Narfell her staff was left in the palace, which later became ruins.

After time had lost it’s meaning and she had long since began to hate herself for her wish for immortality, she was finally found and taken by Lauzoril, then a fresh Red Wizard with an interest for archeology and especially the ancient kingdoms of Narfell and Raumathar.

At first she took possession of Lauzoril, but after living a while in his body, reading his memories and thoughts, and becoming lonely again, she released her hold and started a life together with Lauzoril. She fell in love with the handsome Red Wizard and gave him the power to become a zulkir in a very short time. She also helped him plan his grandest plan which the campaign is about.

The staff

Her staff is a worn brown and looks like it would crumble at any time, but doesn’t with help of the ancient Raw Magic that holds it together. Today a wizard using any form of identify would only see the staff as a normal, though ancient, wooden staff. But the staff is powerful and imbues the wearer with a number of abilities, one of them a form of automatic raw magic charm person that affects anyone viewing the wielder. It also gives the wielder a +4 bonus to charisma and some other powerful effects.

The Party

The party found out about the existance of Yuriath after they defeated her in the form of Fiona Danglehead and used her staff on Eram Ekasoki to find out more about her. She willingly gave answers to many questions and was totally fine with ending her life, since she has nothing to live for anymore after the death of Lauzoril.


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