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  • Aglarond

    !(media-item-align-left){width:400px}http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080821215016/forgottenrealms/images/9/9c/Aglarond_4E.jpg(Aglarond)! Aglarond is an magocratic state in the southwestern-most part of the [[Unapproachable East]] with its …

  • Emmech

    Emmech is a fortress in [[Aglarond]]. It was built by King [[Brindor Olósynne]] and aided in the defence of [[Aglarond]] against invaders from [[Thesk]]. The fortress is situated at the mouth of the [[River Umber]]. It is built on a low hill and made from …

  • Aglarondan griffonriders

    Aglarondan griffonriders is a specialized prestige class on Faerûn whose members are the elite aerial knights who serve the [[Simbul]] in [[Aglarond]]. They often act as guards and commanders within the army of the nation. h2. Griffonrider code …

  • Simbulmyn

    The Simbulmyn, or [[Symbul]]’s Guard, is a small company of elite palace guards who do much more than simply protect Aglarond’s queen. They are also expert spies, engaging in secret missions in lands all around the Inner Sea. The primary concern of …

  • Hovor Seawind

    Hovor Seawind is a former adventurer who is fanatically devoted to his queen and would give his life for her in a heartbeat. He is the high commander of the [[Simbulmyn]] and the [[Aglarondan griffonriders]] that are part of the [[Simbulmyn]]

  • Sons of Hoar

    Not all Aglarondans are content to be ruled by an immortal sorcerer-queen. Some among the wealthy old families of [[Velprintalar]] and [[Furthinghome]] believe the [[Symbul]]’s rule is a hopeless despotism with no end in sight. The Sons of Hoar are a …

  • Varran Gloskil

    Varran Gloskil dreams of reshaping [[Aglarond]] as a land free of “witches” and elves, under the rule of merchant oligarchs such as himself. He is the unofficial leader of the [[Sons of Hoar]], behind the First Son: [[Nomyr Dedriech]]

  • Nomyr Dedriech

    Official leader of the [[Sons of Hoar]], although [[Varran Gloskil]] hold the true power in the organisation. Nomyr is a cleric of Hoar and is the preacher of the 'faith' for the [[Doomlord]], which wants to banish all "witches" out of [[Aglarond]].

  • Arthyr Uuhl

    Arthyr is a member of high standing amongst the [[Aglarondan griffonriders]]. He currently lives in [[Emmech]], [[Aglarond]] and is known, especially there, as a real hero. He is the second luitenant of commander [[Aerevil Darkeye]].

  • Gante Demelin

    Gante Demelin is the Grand General of [[Aglarond]]. He is a wealthy noble and an elderly man. He is in good standing with the [[Symbul]] and has proved an able commander.