Tag: NPC


  • Iron Lord

    The Iron Lord, also known as the Huhrong amongst [[Rashemi]] locals, is the ruler of Rashemen. He has his seat in the nation's capital [[Immilmar]] and from there takes care of the ongoing buisness of ruling the land. Defending it against invaders, making …

  • Thydrim Yvarrg

    Thydrim Yvarrg had one son: [[Fyldrin of the Eleven Chairs]]. He disowned his son in 1364 DR, when he was captured by [[Red Wizards]] and used as leverage. Even after his son came back to Rashemen in 1378 DR after years of capture, the relation between …

  • Sar Nokila

    Captain Sar Nokila is the 3rd ranking officer the army of general [[Sloan Forman]]. He is intelligent and kind-hearted. Loyal to the cause.

  • Hovor Seawind

    Hovor Seawind is a former adventurer who is fanatically devoted to his queen and would give his life for her in a heartbeat. He is the high commander of the [[Simbulmyn]] and the [[Aglarondan griffonriders]] that are part of the [[Simbulmyn]]

  • Varran Gloskil

    Varran Gloskil dreams of reshaping [[Aglarond]] as a land free of “witches” and elves, under the rule of merchant oligarchs such as himself. He is the unofficial leader of the [[Sons of Hoar]], behind the First Son: [[Nomyr Dedriech]]

  • Nomyr Dedriech

    Official leader of the [[Sons of Hoar]], although [[Varran Gloskil]] hold the true power in the organisation. Nomyr is a cleric of Hoar and is the preacher of the 'faith' for the [[Doomlord]], which wants to banish all "witches" out of [[Aglarond]].

  • Arthyr Uuhl

    Arthyr is a member of high standing amongst the [[Aglarondan griffonriders]]. He currently lives in [[Emmech]], [[Aglarond]] and is known, especially there, as a real hero. He is the second luitenant of commander [[Aerevil Darkeye]].

  • Forn Norfasz

    The count of [[Castle Norfasz]] in [[Thaymount]]. Forn Norfasz is from a wealthy noble family that has held good relations with [[Szass Tam]] since his rise-to-power.

  • Gante Demelin

    Gante Demelin is the Grand General of [[Aglarond]]. He is a wealthy noble and an elderly man. He is in good standing with the [[Symbul]] and has proved an able commander.