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  • Iron Keep

    The Iron Keep is the common name for the citadel from which the [[Iron Lord]] rules the country. It stands in the middle of [[Immilmar]] and was originally built with help of the [[Witches of Rashemen]] in -55 DR, 20 years after the first [[Iron Lord]] …

  • Cara Irandum

    Cara Irandum is a trusted Iron Defender Fanglord tasked with the immediate protection of the [[Iron Keep]] and therefore the [[Iron Lord]] himself. h3. History Cara grew up as a simple farmer's daughter. She became apprentice blacksmith at an early …

  • Louise Greystorm

    Fully devoted to her faith and a real caretaker of the people. She had lots of fans, but remained unmarried for her whole life, that sadly ended in the [[Night of Silent Death]].

  • Varro the Fat

    Innkeeper of the [[Blackstone House]] and a well-known figure in town. He was a well-respected civilian with a good reputation in all circles, who knew a lot of people. Sadly he died in the [[Night of Silent Death]]

  • Tommy Lathurne

    The major of [[Immilmar]] was a business man and a trusted friend to the [[Iron Lord]]. He was respected throughout the city, although he was not always seen in a positive light. In general the people accepted his rule. Sadly he died in the [[Night of …

  • Yodu Brightvolk

    Yodu recently followed up his father as the leader of the [[Brightvolk]] noble family. He is also the new [[Fanglord]] of the second army and, as his family has done for centuries, is in charge of the city defenses of [[Immilmar]]

  • Levi Brightvolk

    Levi chose for a life amongst the [[Hathran]] to serve his family and country best. He was encountered as angry and drunk, but this could also be because he had just lost his father, [[:Menyo-brightvolk]].

  • Susy Lavorne

    Susy Lavorne is the orphan of 2 traders who grew up in the streets and needed to survive using sleight of hand and other rogue-like skills. She is smart and beautiful, but as untouchable as a black raven. h3. Personality Susy is a cautious woman …