Character Creation Rules


  • D&D 3.5: Players Handbook, DM Guide, Monster Manual, Forgotten Realms Player Guide 3.5, Unapproachable East. Any rules outside these 5 books should be discussed with me.
  • Forgotten Realms: You live in the Forgotten Realms, this means you have a deithy accordingly (see Rashemen or the Forgotten Realms Player Guide 3.5) and can use any feat or skill described in the Forgotten Realms books mentioned above, as long as you adhere the regional requirements (probably Rashemen)
  • Starting Level: 12


Take a look at a helpful sheet you can use to give your character more depth.

Advice & Directions

  • Roleplay-focused: Try not to maximize your character’s combat potential, but instead focus on an interesting character that is fun to play. This doesn’t mean I want 3 rogues with ‘roleplay’ skills ;)
  • Rashemi: The campaign is based in Rashemen and I expect the players to have some loyalty to the country, or at least the will to help people in need.
  • Teamwork: please be able to work as a team with the other characters. This will make the game much more fun.
  • History: It would be nice if you can provide a history for your character. Where s/he came from, what made him/her the way s/he is today.
  • Personality: Try to think about your personality beforehand. What do you like? What do you hate? How do you react in danger/public/royality/nature/cities/heights?
  • Specials/Speciality: I’m open for any rule-bending/breaking extra’s. Higher stats, special abilities (ex the ability to phase out of reality), templates (ex vampire). However I prefer if you choose existing classes.
  • Hero: It may be nice if you are a Rashemi hero, known or unknown to the public. As you can see on the main page of this campaign the start will be a summon to the Iron Lord. This means you need to be at least known to (advisors of) the Iron Lord in some way.
  • Magic: If you are Rashemi, please be aware of the rules concerning spellcasters (see below). Also if you do not choose to be Rashemi and are still want to be a spellcaster, you will be distrusted by the Witches of Rashemen and the Rashemi as a people, unless you have proven yourself to them in your history.

In Rashemen female spellcasters (both divine and arcane) are all initiated into the Witches of Rashemen. They can join the order by taking the Ethran Feat (see Players Guide to Faerun). If they do, they’ll be an ethran (initiate) of the Witches of Rashemen, they can become Hathran by following into the prestige class (see Players Guide to Faerun). If they don’t join they are labeled as an unproven and are usually left alone. Normally such spellcasters stay minor spellcasters as village healers or such. Male arcane spellcasters have a choice, join the Vremyonni or leave Rashemen. Male divine spellcasters can still join the Vremyonni, but are not required to and can also pursue other interests in Rashemen

Character Creation Rules

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