Endless Wastes

The Endless Wastes are a far stretching desolate desert between the east of Rashemen and the distant country of Kara-Tur. The Golden Way passes the Wastes, but is no longer a round, but rather a series of marker stones that guide the traveler from oasis to oasis.

Alternative names for the Wastes are the Hordelands or Taan (by the Tuigan)

The only people living here are the Tuigan, decendants from Kara-Tur They are rumored to have a population of over 133,000, but it is hard to know that for a fact, because they live a nomadic life all around the place and are divided into different tribes. They have a bad name mostly because of their recent attack in 1360 (see Tuigan Horde).

Aside from the Tuigan there are some other human, centaur and gnoll tribes in the area. And in the massive Yehimal mountains to the south are living some Dwarves.

Endless Wastes

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