Iron Defenders

The Iron Defenders originated from the special Elite that protected the Iron Lords in the past. By now the ‘organisation’ is spread throughout Rashemen and is tasked with making sure all the passes are protected and that trade is ongoing. They usually have a more overseeing task and are chosen not only for their strength, but certainly also their intelligence and charisma.

The organisation is strickly loyal to the Iron Lord and trust his rule and the orders of superiors and generals chosen by him more than that of the Witches of Rashemen. They are probably the only people in Rashemen who can get away with telling a Hathran to bugger off (especially Iron Defender officers)).

The Iron Defenders are organised as a military unit, but also contain a lot of not strictkly military people tasked with gathering information, keeping an eye out and scouting the borders. They are also among the few that sometimes work together with the Vremyonni

They are easily distinguishable by their purple sashes and red capes. They usually carry weapons, but not always armor. Most people will gladly assist an Iron Defender that asks their help.

Iron Defenders

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