Nar Barbarians

The Nar Barbarians reside in the Cold Lands, mainly Narfell and the North Country. They claim to be decendants of the ancient Narfell Empire that existed thousands of years ago. They are organised in loose tribes and move from north to south to survive the hard winters. They are usually peaceful and do some trade with Rashemen in fur. Nevertheless they are not regarded very friendly, since they attacked Rashemen in the recent past.

Nar Barbarians are feared in combat for their battle prowess, strength and occasionally strange magic that can be labelled neither arcane nor divine. They say it is spirit magic, drained from the surrounding lands to strengthen the warriors.


1366 DR: The Nar Barbarians invade Rashemen from the north, but are thrown back by combined Rashemen forces. Their leader is slain and the new leader makes peace with Rashemen

Nar Barbarians

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