Rashemen is a magocratic gynarchy in the far northeast of Faerûn with 654,480 inhabitants (99% human), populated largely by Rashemi who do not always look kind upon outsiders that rank lowest in their society.


Rashemen Rashemen is a rough country bordered on all sides by rock, water and the Endless Wastes. To the north of Rashemen lies the North Country where the Nar Barbarians reside. The Eastern part of Rashemen consists mainly of the Sunrise Mountains, and behind lie the Endless Waste where the Tuigan rule. The Golden Way is the only semi-safe passage through the Endless Wastes and continues to the distant civilasation of Kara-Tur. In the south, behind the Mulsantir Plateau lies Thay, home to the Red Wizards that have tried to invade Rashemen countless times. Only the west, where the country of Thesk lies has always been peaceful. The two major cities Mulsantir and the capital Immilmar lie in the west and have harbors that connect to Thesk and the Great Dale. Other settlements include Taporan, Shevel, Thasunta, Tinnir, Mulptan and Urling. In the North is the forest of Urlingwood, where the Witches of Rashemen meet.


Rashemen is officially ruled by the Iron Lord, currently Volas Dyervolk. But the Witches of Rashemen hold the real power in the country. They can choose at any time to replace the Iron Lord with a new one.


Rashemi warriors are fur-clad or leather-armored pony riders. Showing cowardice or incompetence at arms results in shunning. They fight in loosely disciplined warbands known as Fangs, each led by a Fanglord. In time of war, Witches of Rashemen command the Fangs. When fighting a Hathran wears black robes and a mask, arming herself with magic rings and whips that dance in the air, animated to fight by themselves while the owner casts spells. The armies are commanded by the Iron Lord.

Each Fang consists of beserkers, who are the most feared and do the initial charge, archers, who support the berserkers at range, warriors, the normal sword and axemen that come after the initial charge. Ponies are used in the warfare, but only to shorten the gap between the enemy or approach them from behind. The ponies are unsuited for combat and are therefore dismounted just before the warriors charge into battle.

The Rashemi are content to defend their own lands and therefore most of their tactics are made from a defense-perspective. It is very rare to see Rashemi warriors attack another country.


The people of Rashemen worship the Three: Bhalla (Chauntea), the Hidden One (Mystra) and Khelliara (Mielikki).


In 1358 the Tuigan Horde invaded Rashemen and destroyed Citadel Rashemen that protected the Golden Way on the foot of the Sunrise Mountains. It also destroyed Thasunta and Mulsantir along the way. The horde left a route of destruction, but didn’t want to waste a lot of time on the big, highly defended, cities of Rashemen and instead crossed over to Thesk where they did a lot more damage. With the help of the Witches of Rashemen, the Iron Defenders and even the Vremyonni the remaining invaders where fought back and destroyed. By now the Golden Way, that the horde used to travel switfly, is slowely coming back to its old glory.

Law and Order

Rashemen is governed by a simple set of laws, primarily concerned with safeguarding people and property. The legal system relies on common sense, which is in good supply despite the number of hotheads in the land. The code of laws takes up less than two written pages, which is fortunate, because a majority of Rashemi are illiterate. The laws also exist in song, making them easier for the common folk to remember.

  • Do not kill or deliberately injure another Rashemi. Save your anger for your true enemies.
  • Do not steal from your fellow Rashemi or outsiders with honor. To do so is to taint your own honor.
  • Respect your family, the spirits, and the deities, for they guard your soul in this life and after.
  • Respect the spirits of your home, for they guard the land when you sleep.
  • Obey the Iron Lord, for the safety of all Rashemen is his responsibility.
  • Obey the Witches of Rashemen, for they are the bond that ties the people to the land and the Iron Lord to the people.
  • Be strong, resolute, and courageous, for the weak, lazy, and craven betray the spirit of the Rashemi people.

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