The people of Rashemen are called Rashemi.

Most Rashemi never leave the realm after the dajemma of their youth, a year-long journey wherein a youthful Rashemi become adults and see the world. Age, experience, and accomplishment determine rank within the Witches of Rashemen, and then in the same order within all native Rashemi who cannot work magic, with outlanders ranked at the bottom.

Rashemi are a short, muscular, hardy race, given to cross-country racing in fierce winter weather, exploring the old northern ruins of fallen Raumathar, and hunting snowcats while unarmored and lightly armed. They herd sheep, goats, and snow rothé, export wool, furs, carved stone and jhuid or firewine (which costs as much as 15 gp per tallglass elsewhere in Faerun). Rashemi love sjorl, a heavy, smoky-flavored cheese that outlanders find horrible.

The people of Rashemen believe that the spirits of the land protect them and their crops, they do everything not to anger the spirits. Most Rashemi attribute any success in life to proper offerings. They are deeply respectful to the land. No traveler will ever see a Rashemi casually cut down a tree just for profit.

Most (99%) of the Rashemi are human and they commonly have a pretty pale skin (compared to most southern parts of Faerun) and blue eyes. Most original Rashemi are blonde. Both sexes keep their hair long, which is also a measure of status. Men do trim their beards if they wear one. They dress simple in wool, leather or pelt, usually not colorful except in times of celebration. In the last centuries, since the Golden Way, the Rashemi standard has slowely been shifting to include more foreign features from both Kara-Tur as well as the rest of Fearun (especially Thesk)


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