Rule Addjustments

A few rules have been adjusted to help the 3.5 system be more fun for roleplaying. Details will follow on a later date.

Hero Points

  • Hero points will be gained at a rate of 1/level.
  • A player can never have more than 2 hero points at any given time.
  • Hero points can be obtained through exceptionally good or fun role-playing, but no more than one bonus hero point/level.
  • A hero point can be used to do something exceptionally heroic. This could be striking a critical at the right time, getting a +10 bonus to a skill check, taking an extra standard action or any other cool action that helps do something that would otherwise go wrong or at least less right.


  • Diplomacy works much more on a DM-discretion, and can not turn any evil character to a good friend. It is still pretty useful in skill challanges.
  • Tumble now sets a DC with your roll, that the opponent can attempt to counter with his attack roll.
  • Concentration now sets a DC with your roll, that the opponent can attempt to counter with his attack roll.


  • Detect Evil will not be as black and white or as transparant is it is suggested to be. For now I’m thinking of making it so it will know if the specific target has evil intentions toward you.
  • Detect Magic will also work different, needing a specific description of what you expect to detect or want to know.
  • Arcane Sight as detect magic it will need a specific description of what you are detecting. As an example you could specifically check someone for spell effects (like dominate), check if someone’s visible weapons are magical or check if there are any magical traps on the door. You can not however check a whole room for traps, check a person or group of people for all their magic items, buffs and debuffs. Or detect a hidden enemy with a magic weapon behind a wall, or even hidden in plain sight.

Raising the dead

Raising the dead is much harder than intended in D&D 3.5.
  • The gems required for the casting are very rare and can not be bought normally. They are also more costly than described in the Players Handbook.
  • The caster of the spell must give some of his own life force to the spell, which costs a whole level, and gives some nasty penalties to boot.
  • The receiver of the spell is similarly penalized, but in a lesser extend.

The intend is that casters will be less likely to raise someone from the dead, except for very rare (and usually evil) cases. For normal people and even heroes dead is dead. Although some heroes may have sufficient connections to powerful people to have themselves raised.

Rule Addjustments

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