Thay is a big country (almost 5 miljion inhabitants) south of Rashemen that is ruled by the zulkirs, with Szass Tam, the zulkir of Necromancy, as their leader. Since Thay exists it has constantly made war with its neighbouring countsries. Despite that they have had only few victories, they seem to keep trying under ever new leaders or initiatives of lone zulkirs or groups of them.


Thay The nation of Thay came about when a sect, calling itself the Red Wizards, declared its freedom from the god kings of Mulhorand. The sect’s center of strength was in the northern provinces where the natives did not have the inbred reverence for the god-kings. After razing the city of Delhumide they declared themselves the free nation of Thay in 922 DR. Since then Mulhorand has had to defend themselves, quite successfully, against two invasions from Thay.

The armies of Thay have marched on Aglarond and Rashemen many times. On the reverse, few invaders have ever overcome the great mountains girding the Plateau of Thay, and the secretive and suspicious Red Wizards raise barriers just as formidable to discourage travelers from venturing into their lands.

In 1190 DR Szass Tam, the most influencial and probably the most powerful Zulkir, took control over the country and has ruled it since.


The nation relies heavily on slavery, a practice heavily frowned upon by nations throughout the north and northwestern Faerûn. In Thay itself the zulkirs and other prominent Red Wizards grow rich beyond imagination from this sinister trade. From their strongholds and estates, they use this wealth to constantly scheme and plot the mercantile and military domination of their neighbor nations.


Thay is divided into 11 Tharchs.


Slavery is a common branch of trade in Thay. Slave markets are restocked with war prisoners, conquered Rashemi or people that are sold into slavery. While folk of Mulan descent remove all body hair (at least on the head) and Rashemi freemen at least clip their hair short, slaves are not allowed to cut their hair at all. They can be easily distinguished by the heavy and filthy mass of hair they wear..



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