The vremyonni or Old Ones are an arcane brotherhood in Rashemen. They consist only of male arcane spellcasters and are all masked in a similar way as the Witches of Rashemen.

Men that are arcane spellcasters in Rashemen have two choices, exile or join the vremyonni.

Vremyonni are expert weaponsmiths and magic item creators. They wield power that is maybe not bigger in strength, but certainly more destructive in nature than that of the Witches. They are not commonly seen. Their strongholds are based in the Running Rocks, where they conduct their trade and do arcane research. They can also be seen in remote parts of the Sunrise Mountains, where they help to protect the borders in rough area’s.

The Vremyonni are said to have a suffisticated network of spells all along the outer border of the Sunrise Mountains (and thus Rashemen) that warns them of any trespass from the east into Rashemen. They guard only the rough borders and leave the Golden Way to the Iron Defenders.


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