Witches of Rashemen

The Witches of Rashemen (also known as Wychlaran, meaning wise old women) are the spiritual leaders of Rashemen, communing with the spirits and guiding the souls of the Rashemi people. The formal term for a member of this group is a Hathran (learned sister), however the most powerful and respected are called othlor (true one).

The Witches always wear masks that identifies them as Hathran (or othlor). Their word is law and to go against it was in some rare cases even punished with death. They have the respect of nearly all Rashemi inhabitants as protectors of the land. Whenever they visit they are treated with nothing but kindness and respect. They are the main power that stands in the way of the Red Wizards of Thay and it has been mainly because of them that Thay has never gotten an inch of Rashemen soil.

The Witches of Rashemen meet in Urlingwood, an area forbidden to any non-Wychlaran. Any who are found in the wood are killed. The witches meet here to brew Rashemi firewine, to bind and control hostile spirits and to spy on Thayan forces. Most witches actually live in Urling, which is a little more accessible to Rashemi who have the guts to visit, mostly to ask for advice from the wise Wychlaran.

There are unconfirmed rumors among the people of Rashemen of Hathran with evil intentions. Of course the witches deny the existance of the Durthan (as they are commonly called).

A witch of Rashemen is often accompanied by one of the Runescarred Beserkers. They devote their live to the protection of the witch.

Witches of Note

  • Lady Yhelbruna, also known as the Eldest (LN female human Clr6/Wiz12/Hth10): Othlor. The oldest and most powerful of the Witches. She lives in and leads the town of Urling.
  • Fiona Danglehead (NG female human Wiz 12/Hth 9): Othlor. Lives Urling and has a lot of buisness protecting Urlingwood.
  • Nythra of the Seven Rivers (NG Wiz4/Clr4/Hth4): Spokeswoman of Lady Yhelbruna. She is friendly and talks openly with nonhathran Rashemi, and even consents to speaking with the rare foreign visitor whose business takes him to Urling.
  • Fydra Night-Tree (LG female human Clr3/Sor9/Hth5): Othlor. Leader of the Witches in Immilmar and overseer of the wychlaran who advise the Iron Lord
  • Chinevre Rothschild (LG female human Div 7/Hth 2): Hathran and advisor to the Iron Lord
  • Teresa Sweetrose (LN female human Sor 12/Hth 8): Othlor. Energetic woman with always a lot to do. She loves using teleport and other spells to speed up her day to day live and all the things she needs to do. She knows many people and visits them as much as possible. She is the youngest othlor.
  • Sheva Whitefeather (CG female human Clr8/Sor4/Hth3): Othlor. Ranking witch of the region and the city of Mulsantir.
  • Lianne Kilarune: (LG female human Brb 1/Wiz 5/Sps 5/Hth 3): Othlor. Ranking witch of Mulptan. She is known as a negotiator, barbarian wizard and key person to perserve the peace between the warring families in Mulptan. Ranking witch of [[Mulptan]
  • Blackhide: (NG female human Dru 17/Hth 5): She wanders the land with her animal companion, a black panther, and perserves the spirit balance.

Witches of Rashemen

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