Welcome to the D&D 3.5 mini-campaign: The Puppeteer.

This campaign is based in the Forgotten Realms, in the Unapprochable East, specifically in and around Rashemen, the starting country for the PCs. It plays in 1373 DR and starts on March 10th. Check the Wiki for more info.

Unapproachable East Take a look here to view the map with markers!

The aim is to provide a roleplay- and story-based campaign, excluding senseless random encounters and making the one month that the campaign will run focused on the main story line.

The campaign will feature a few Rule Addjustments

The characters have yet to be created, but will start at level 12 and will most likely be Rashemen heroes in one way or another (known to the public or not). If interested what the requirements are you can take a look at the Character Creation Rules

You can also take a look at the Adventure Log where I’ve written an Intro.

The Puppeteer

Ceaon Swordfish