Cara Irandum

Fanglord of the Iron Keep

  • Class: Expert 2/Barbarian 3/Bard 5
  • Race: Human (Rashemi)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Age: 32

Cara is a beautiful, if somewhat musculair and short, woman with typical Rashemi features, such as blonde hair and pale skin. She is usually seen in silver and ornately inscribed Full Plate, wearing an beautifull self-crafted, but Vremyonni enhanced, Greataxe on her back.


Cara Irandum is a trusted Iron Defender Fanglord tasked with the immediate protection of the Iron Keep and therefore the Iron Lord himself.


Cara grew up as a simple farmer’s daughter. She became apprentice blacksmith at an early age and worked as a blacksmith for a couple of years. In the meanwhile she practised with the weapons she forged. When she was 25 she joined the Iron Defenders and quickly rose to the rank of Fanglord. She now leads a specialised Iron Defenders force that is tasked with the protection of the Iron Keep. She lives in Immilmar and spends a lot of time around the Iron Lord.


Cara is a very clever and resourceful commander. She is often close with her troops and likes to get to know them personally. She also a controversional Rashemi in that she attaches more value to intelligence than age. In her Fang the Iron Defenders are considered equal and are chosen especially for their intelligence, loyalty and insight.

On the battlefield, she inspires her troops first by insulting their target, then jumps into the field, wildly swinging her axe around. Her troops either love her because she always fights in front or hate her for her chaotic and unpredictable style.

Family Status

Cara has never been married and has no children.

The Party

The party meets Cara in the Iron Keep.

Cara Irandum

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