Sloan Forman

Fanglord of Rashemen's 3rd Fang, stationed in Mulsantir

  • Class: Fighter 10 / Aristocrat 4
  • Race: Human (Rashemi)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Age: 55

Sloan is an elderly man of average Rashemi height, with somewhat long, white, hair, with a white beard and mustage. He usually wears an ornate noble outfit, he deems befitting for a Fanglord. He always carries two black longswords with exeptionally long hilts and broad blades. He calls them broadswords, obtained in his dajenna to Kara-Tur and later enhanced by Vremyonni. In battle he wears an ornately decorated grey Full Plate.


Sloan Forman is the Rashemi Fanglord of Rashemen’s 3rd Fang, stationed in Mulsantir.


Sloan was born into a noble family of more sophisticated clan that used a more tactical and trained approach in combat than the usual barbarism that was then common in Rashemen. He joined the army on 22 and made it to Fanglord at 29. As a Fanglord he helped reorganise the Rashemi army to make it more organised. He actually helped divide the loose clans and Fangs to structured numbered Fangs. He also successfully defended Rashemen numerous times and is a renowned hero amongst the people. He has always shown to be loyal and faithful to Rashemen.


Sloan is inventive, structured and ambitious. He is loyal, but sometimes needed to be a bit against the main-stream to achieve his goals, which, once set, are usually reached.

Family Status

Sloan has 2 daughters: Content Not Found: hetta-sloan (25) and Content Not Found: rafna-sloan (22) Sloan. His wife, Content Not Found: teresa-sloan, runs their estate on the outskirs of Mulsantir.

The Party

At the start of the campaign he is for unknown reasons starting a war with Thesk and burned Two Stars in the process. The party is asked to stop him and his troops.

Sloan Forman

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