Character Traits Sheet

This sheet is supposed to be a tool to help create your character traits, personality, history and NPCs.

Core Stuff

Give the character concept in a short line.

Although you may not fully know yet what to play, try to describe as much as possible, as shortly as possible

  • “Joyful bartender that lost his inn to Red Wizards”,
  • “Ex-Fallen-Paladin with troubled past that still seeks to fully redeem himself”,
  • “Rogue/assassin without friends that found enlightenment in faith and wants to make a new start with new friends.”
  • “Rashemi hero with dark secrets about the Hathran and Vremyonni

Give your character a public face.

What does he do? What job? What do people think of him? What has he accomplished?
  • He is a well-known hero, infamous for his intimidating and overwhelming tactics.
  • He is always armored and has long hair, which is the Rashemi sign for nobility or high standing.
  • He came from a noble family with a bad reputation, which he has increased a lot.
  • Everyone on the streets knows his name, but not his face.
  • He always wears red robes, but is not bald like other Red Wizards
  • In some area’s he is known as a pirate.

Give your character a hidden face.

What doesn’t he tell? What does he do at night? What is behind the daily cover?
  • He sleeps with another woman, but pretends to love his wife.
  • He infiltrated the Red Wizards, but is actually a Vremyonni.
  • Although he looks like a huge, strong barbarian, he is actually a cleric that boosts his strength before combat.
  • This wizard hides in the (polymorphed) form of a young woman and pretends he’s a fighter.
  • This vampire hides her teeth and pretends to herself to have a conscience that prevents her from being a real vampire.
  • This old-timer lived over 300 years, but looks like a 30-years old and behaves like one.

Give your character’s personality. (funny, nice, charming, obvious, caring, ...)

How does he act? What does he value? What does he hate? How is he outside? Inside?

  • He uses funny jokes to hide a soft side
  • He finds it almost impossible to lie
  • He is highly focused on whatever he is working on, to the exclusion of all others
  • He is sophisticated and well-mannered, but actually despises his heritage
  • He is rough and weathered, but would never harm a fly, if he would notice it…
  • His freedom is his highest value and anything that confides him makes him angry

Describe some Major traits of your character.

What can he do that others can’t? What major flaws does he have? Special abilities? Template?
  • She is a vampire/lycanthrope
  • He is fully immune to magic.
  • He has a huge fear for magic and doesn’t even let people heal him
  • He is extremely lucky and wins for example poker with straight flush after straight flush
  • He remembers things that he never experienced, for example battle tactics, ancient lore or magic use
  • He is missing part of his memory
  • He is very wealthy and owns 3 castles and 500 slaves.

Describe some Minor traits of your character.

What did he learn as a child? What genetical advantage does he have? Any fear? Embarrassing problem?
  • Prophecy has destined him to marry a princes with long blonde hair.
  • He handles horses with care and has a keen eye for the best horse.
  • She adores pink almost as an obsession.
  • He is addicted to alchohol.
  • He is charming and women take a liking to him.
  • He fears dogs.
  • He will never have children.
  • He will never look at a woman because of his faith.

Describe his alignment in detail.

What lines doesn’t he cross? How lawful is lawful, or chaotic? Would he kill, lock up or give another chance?

  • Lawful Good. Would never kill any living thing, not even when his life was at stake.
  • Neutral. Seems indifferent, can kill easily enough, but has a good heart and would never hurt the weak, except when they mess with his beer.
  • Lawful Evil. He has a dark scheme, but acts within the law and keeps his own principles. He prefers not to kill at all, and also things like torture horror him. But as a means to an end others can do it when he is not watching.


What/who made your character into the person he is?

Bad childhood? Toughtful parents? Good tutor? Self-taught? Enormous disaster? Change-of-heart?

  • He was betrayed in the past by a wizard and therefore doesn’t trust any wizard.
  • He met a genie that gave him 3 wishes, which all turned out to be different than he expected.
  • He lost his parents when he was young and was left to wander the city alone.
  • He had a good teacher that taught him to kill and to have mercy.
  • He was the sole survivor of the destruction of his home-village and taught himself to hunt.
  • He suffered as a Thayan slave and is determined to deliver payback.

How did your character establish his public/hidden face?

What happened? What changed? Try it for each public/hidden face you’ve written above.

  • He was known as a pirate because his twin brother was a famous pirate, when he was still infamous, and vanished when he became famous himself.
  • He was born as a strong-looking barbarian and raised to become one, but took an interest to wizardy instead. He still likes to work out though.
  • As part of a Hathran mission he infiltrated into the Red Wizards.

How is it you received your traits?

Describe for each trait how it came into being.

  • He became immune to magic due to an amulet that he received from genie after he wished for “something to stop those damn witches from messing with him”.
  • She became a vampire after being sucked dry by a handsome lover who happened to have less than good intentions.
  • He fears dogs because he was bitten by a mean little dog as a small child and contracted a nasty disease that almost killed him.
  • He started drinking alchohol as a result of a failed magical experiment to create alchohol-free beer.

Describe how your personality was formed.

Where you always this serious, or did something nasty happen?

  • He knows the tragedy of death and vowed never to kill another soul after Tuigan the battle of 1368.
  • He was born a noble and was raised as a sophisticated citizen, but he hates his parents and tries to get himself dirty just to prove them wrong. Although still many sophisticated limits shine through (eat without a fork? That doesn’t seem right..)
  • After an emotional breakdown this fighter slew his brother in a duel. Since then he has never been the same and seems distant

Describe how your alignment was formed.

Where you always good? Or were you once an evil wizard that changed heart and sides?

  • Because of his faithful parents he couldn’t even imagine to harm without reason.
  • His father beat the crap out of him and he vowed to do it different on others.
  • After years of training he sees that things like stealing are actually wrong

Recent history. (note that the campaign starts in 1373 DR)

Was your character connected to any recent events?

  • He joined the adventurers that cleared out the bandits and …
  • He was once a Nar Barbarian, but after he was captured in the 1366 war, he was turned into a loving Rashemi citizen, although still not commonly accepted.
  • He uncovered the plot of the Red Wizard who assassinated the previous Iron Lord


What people influenced your character directly?

Describe them as detailed as you can. (try add D&D short description “CN human male Barb 12/Rog 2”)

  • Lisa (CG half-elf female Dru 17): My mother and part of the Circle of Leth. She was always too busy to look after me and left me to the care of a dire bear, 2 wolverines and 3 apes. I consider her a bit deranged, but she does act lovingly and I guess she can’t help it.
  • Zenedar Dragonscale (NE human male Wiz ?): Leader of an evil noble family that pretends to be good. I uncovered their secret, but he has vowed to kill me if I speak of it.
  • Tavi Witchcraft (NE human female Sorc 14): A mysterious woman with less than good intentions, although they were not directly harmful to me. She is beautiful, probably magically so. And annoyingly to the point. She states the obvious in a careless manner that is often thought-provoking. She would make sure I had a reason to do her bidding that I couldn’t ignore…
  • Ruby (LE divine female ??): A deithy that was trapped as a genie in a mirror. I shortly had possession of her. She was mostly angry but obedient and even sometimes dropped a sarcastic hint.
  • Falagarn (N human male scientist?): A neutral vampire and scientist that helped solve puzzles in the past and gave me multiple adventures by only trying to further his research. He is always busy to experiment, is very intelligent and always rewards handsomely. He became a friend, although he probably doesn’t even consider the possibility.

Name some relatives (you can exclude any that are already mentioned above)

parents? uncle? sister? son? wife? foster parents? orphanage brothers?

  • ...

Name some dear friends (you can exclude any that are already mentioned above)

Who would sacrifice their live for you? Who would help you in time of need? Who can you always turn to? Who would help you if your magical experiment went haywire again?

  • ...

Name some enemies (you can exclude any that are already mentioned above)

Who did you encounter and left alive to haunt you? Who just refuses to die? Refuses to leave you alone? Who makes your skin crawl? Who do you want to see justice done to?

  • ...


Name any abstract goal in life for your character.

Maybe it will never be fulfilled. Maybe it’s outright ridiculous, maybe its emberassing. But your character wants it. What is it?

  • To ensure lasting peace with Thay
  • To destroy all goblins
  • To take note of any oddity in people.
  • To take revenge on all Witches of Rashemen
  • To spread the faith of Selune in Rashemen

Name any concrete goals in the campaign. Choose any one of them as your ultimate goal.

Anything achievable in the campaign, although it is not guaranteed to happen

  • Find your lost father.
  • Kill the murderer of your brother.
  • Find a way to raise your son from the dead.

Into the party

Why are you summoned by the Iron Lord?

A famous hero? A well-known diplomat? Some mystery addition? You don’t know yourself?

  • ...


What is your name, age, sex, current habitant, etc?

Write down basic info of your character in a summary.

Describe yourself

Write down a summary on yourself (personality, traits, fears, etc)


Write down your history as summary from A to Z. Preferably with time line.


Write down / copy all NPCs you created and add any you forgot


Summarise your goals

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Character Traits Sheet

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